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ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit (zenmed skin erazer kit) review

ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit has the guaranteed result to help you get rid of your acne scars by erasing your past acne breakouts and damage. The kit is made out of 100% natural ingredients. So if you are looking for a truly quality products to help you get rid of acne and acne scars, you will never get disappointed by this scar treatment kit!

ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit (ZENMED® Skin Eraser Kit) combined the best proved skin retexturing solutions recognized in Dermatology industry today. Think about it, breakouts and acne scars would disappear soon and you will have smooth face like your friends even better than them! This doctor-formulated complete treatment system will give you smooth skin as long as you keep them on hand! ZENMED has offered trusted acne treatments products for as long as 10 years famous for its naturally based skin care lines!

With ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit. The dual action of Microdermabrasion Complex and Skin Eraser completely erases scars and imperfections. They are two of the BEST TREATMENTS available in Dermatology today. Best of all, you can use it in the convenience of your own home without visiting a doctor. It’s clean, simple, and safe, at a price all of us can afford.


Renewing microdermabrasion complex original > This granular formulation is based in a mineral-heavy clay designed specifically to provide intensive dermabrasion on the surface of the skin. Does not leave any residue or greasiness. Ideal for use before treatments such as the Skin Eraser as it allows for better penetration of actives. Soap-free cleansing using the benefits of smooth Montmorillonite clay.

The Skin Eraser Kit is suitable for your skin if:

– Acne and acne scars

– Dark spots caused by Acne

– Prone to acne breakout

– Sun damage

– Premature wrinkling, and fine lines

– Hyper pigmentation


ZENMED Scar Treatment Kits and Ingredients

ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit contains the following ingredients that have clinically proved to be effective and safe! These ingredients works as the skin eraser, then Ascorbic-Glycolic-Lactic acid exfoliates the upper layers of the skin effectively and minimize the problem skin imperfections such as dullness, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, bumpiness and aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles.

These 2 system are Renewing Microdermabrasion Complex and a skin Eraser. This kid has its special features compared with the other acne scar removers, for acting fast, treat your acne scars completely and prevent from your acne happen.

– Skin eraser > Ascorbic-Glycolic-Lactic acid offers the most efficient exfoliation process for the skin and your acne,  acne scars, hyperpigmentation, bumpiness, dark spots and blemishes, dullness, discoloration even your wrinkles will be gone.

–  Renewing microdermabrasion complex original make the anti-acne ingredients more easily to penetrate into the skin surface.

What results you can get from using ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit?

It works by peeling out old-dead skin cells in a more rapid manner than normal, revealing a new and fresh skin. Say “goodbye” to acne scars and “hello” to flawless skin in 8-10 weeks with ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit.

In 5 minute application:

– Acne scars fade

– Fine lines decrease

– Fine bumps decrease

– skin appears fresh

– Skin glows

– More smooth skin surface

After 3-4 treatments:

– Acne scars and hyperpigmentation decrease gradually

– Collagen levels increase

– Skin surface more smooth and plump

– dry rough patches disappear

After 8-10 treatments:

– Aging signs minimize

– Minor imperfections diminish

– Acne scars appear less visible


ZENMED Scar Treatment Kits pros and cons


– Clinically prove to be 100% safe

– Proved to get quick results

– Works for all types of skins

– Combined results from clinically proved effective ingredients

– Long time treatments can not only get rid of acne scars, but also minimize fine lines and other problem skin condition.

– Much affordable compared with the cosmetic surgery procedures. If you opt for a glycolic peel facial it will cost for about $200 just for a session, dermabrasion sessions would cost you as high as $300 and laser would cause you $500. Note they are the price for just one session and they can’t treat your acne completely.


– Not natural ingredients

– Because of it’s strong effects, overuse it may cause uncomfortable feeling to your skin even it’s clinically proved to be safe.


ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit testimonals by real users

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