What’s Worse Than Acne

keloid scarsAfter years and years of having to live with acne, you have finally gotten rid of it. Not a single pimple to be seen.

But wait! What are these dark spots? They look like acne scars. Aren’t they supposed to go away too?

Sorry to tell you but the nightmare is not yet over. Simply getting rid of acne isn’t the end of it. Like wounds, they leave marks on your skin. That’s right. Each pimple will leave a dark spot, especially if they were picked or popped. Those bigger zits will leave unpleasant holes.

But don’t worry. This issue can be prevented and treated.

To prevent acne scars, the best thing to do is try and treat all symptoms of acne as soon as you see them, before they even increase in size and number which can create more scarring.

However if you have been dealing with acne for some time, you’ll have to face the problem of treating the scars. As if acne isn’t already tough enough to deal with, right?

You have many options. There’s laser treatment as a more intensive and EXPENSIVE approach. But if you’re looking for an easy and affordable acne scar treatment, look for an effective scar cream. It may take longer for this to take effect but if you use it regularly, you’ll see the changes. Imagine the joy of not only getting rid of your acne, but also of erasing scars left behind!


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