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Tripollar Stop Review

This is a review for the Tripollar Stop hand held device. There is a lot of ground to cover when reviewing this product. To begin with, let’s look at an overview of the hand held device. The output has three different levels, low,medium and high. The output frequency is one megahertz and with the unit, the standard is a two year warranty. That is a pretty standard warranty and may be a little bit better than some.tripollar review

The cost varies from carrier to carrier. You can go directly to the manufacturer’s website to buy the product as well but it may be slightly higher from Ebay or Amazon. The box is comes with a few items, the STOP device comes with a Power Unit, RF Treatment Unit, RF treatment device. It also comes with Pre-Treatment Gel, Post Treatment Cream, instruction manual and DVD. The instruction manual is also available online at the manufacturer’s website. I bought this product around 2008 when it was first available and it’s still in excellent condition and works very well. You get a preparation gel that is used before the treatment and a post one that is used after the treatment. The moisturizing cream is what you use after the treatment. The preparation gel enables the device to have contact with the skin. The power control is in the box, and that has the three settings. The device which is usually red in color, has a power switch and a power connection.

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At the top of the device you have a green button, and that indicates that the device is on. On the other side of the device is this green switch. The device indicator is the green switch, which tell you when the device on on, when the RF is actually getting transmitted into the skin. There is a safety cut out device too. When the skin is getting to a certain temperature, talking about the epidermis right, lower down in the dermis. The actual device which itself is off, so you will be treating the skin, and the device on off light will flash accordingly, depending on the temperate of the skin. There is an inbuilt safety device, so with the areas you are working with, the device does get quite hot on the skin. There is an orange indicator just above the STOP name, that will be discussed in depth shortly. The RF Tripollar Energy works basically the same way a microwave does, when it reheats foods. The RF (radio frequency) energy acts on your tissue to induce heat. The Tripollar technology works on the principle of having four low power RF beams heating the skin. This heats the skin, and because you have four beams you actually get a better coverage with this hand held device. Versus using something that is bipolar meaning two beams. You’re actually getting better coverage to the skin because of the amount of beams that are used.

There are many benefits of RF treatment. The generated heat of the process causes local contraction of the collagen fibers, therefore tightening the skin. This can take some time depending on the age of the user. It’s said that for people over 50, the final result can take some time. You will still see some results, but the final results will take longer than for folks under 50, 40, 30, etc. For instance don’t expect the tightening aspect, if you have sag around the jaw area, neck area, don’t expect to have only four treatments and expect this to be lifted, it doesn’t work quite that way. It takes time, you have to be diligent and consistent with the treatment, and you have to be sure that you keep your treatments up. You’re not going to get the same effect as having a surgical facelift. In that process the whole face is lifted up. You will get a tightening in my experience and it does improve the appearance of your face and skin, it certainly worked for me. The second thing that RF actually has regarding the impact of RF on the skin is the production of collagen. This process involves the fibra blast cells and how light, the same way heat stimulates the cells and produces some new collagen. As the heat is stimulating these cells and producing new collagen and cells. This collagen is produced over a certain amount of time.

New collagen can take up to a month to grow. So you’re not going to see an overnight result. Again your skin will hopefully be plumper and thicker. The treated skin becomes thicker, and sets off many memorable memories. Another benefit of RF treatment is that it improves blood flow and gives you a healthy glow. That is a proven fact, it also improves blood flow, lymphatic drainage and at times it seems as though these issues are directly from the person in question. The skin takes on a very healthy glow. Lymphatic drainage is really important with what is being done with home devices. What we don’t want is puffiness and trapped lymph in many areas like the neck area. That will give someone that saggy look, versus a firm taut look. The radio frequency is transmitting low below the epidermis layer down into the collagen, elastic areas. What’s important if you’re using it for tightening the skin or reducing the fat content. So let’s say you might be doing that, actually the radio frequency works directly within the fatty content of the skin. That causes the fat to break down. In the same way that the sort of lyposliss systems when you’re using the radio frequency for fat reduction works the same exact way. What’s important with this STOP device is that it has no impact on the fat content in the skin. What we don’t want to do with the face is to reduce the fat padding. The fat padding does not get reduced here, because that’s what makes someone looking taught and older.

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Tripollar Stop and Tripollar Pose Best Value Kit Reviews Tripollar Stop Results, Before and After Photos Pics, Youtube Videos, Side Effects 2

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