Must Read! Tripollar Pose Device Review

Review of the Tripollar Pose Device!

This is a review of the Tripollar Body RF POSE device. The goal of this review is to go through some background about the product, discuss the device and the technology and this reviewers findings. The background of the review is I have been using this device since it was made available in 2008. I want to share my findings with people that are deciding on whether to use this product, in order that they are educated concise decisions. Related: 0-6 Pack Abs Review

What you get in the box when the device arrives is the device itself, which is white, and usually on the left hand side of the box. You also get a DC converter/adapter which is a plug in variety. A very good thorough user manual, which is immersible when going along on this journey. You also receive some treatment gel. The device itself, there is a light on the device, on the front of it. On the bottom of the device there is this little cap, which comes off to reveal the treatment ahead. The on and off bottom of the device is located at the top of the device. The gel that is enclosed must be used in order for the device to work properly. The gel is very sticky as one would imagine. You want to use it sparingly, you really don’t have to use a lot to get a good contact with the skin.Tripollar Pose review

It does take a bit of effort to remove the gel when you’re in the shower to really get it off, because it’s so sticky, so to really get it clean, it’s best to shower it off. So as I recall the controls are on the top of the device. It’s best to start working on an area with controls set at low, and as the skin feels warmer, the device can be moved. The devise information is as follows. The weight of it is 118 g, frequency, 1 MHz, optimal for heating fat layers, Dimension, 152mm, Rating, 100 VAC, electrical safety, power supply class 2 double insulation. Rating AC The device has a indicator on the top of the device. What the indicator light does, it flickers on and off, when you are taking a treatment. What the indicator light is telling you, that you are getting near the optimal temperature of your treatment actions as you are getting closer to the end of your treatment or the amount of time being used for the treatment to still be affective in the area. The RF also works by the creation and firming up the area by collagen and elastine. That’s the thermal impact from the cells. This indicator light is monitoring all the time, to make sure it stays on, when it actually goes on, you know that you treated that area and to move on to the next area.Tripollar Pose review result

So the technology itself is tripollar technology, is third generation RF technology introduced by Pollogen LTD. They make a lot of the high spec salon radio frequency machines. The technology has been used for many years in professional salons and machines. The number of POSE gives a better focus for the radio frequency a sharper focus it’s a sort of a wash of radio frequency around the area. What the POSE do, the number of POSE do, sharpen the area in the area you are working in. The device has a safety cut out system, it also has an optional energy delivery indicator that has already been addressed. The treatment protocol is, this is for one area. One area you can treat two to three times a week, with a treatment being twenty minutes. You can undertake this for six to eight weeks. You can do this for each area. So for example you do thighs, buttocks and abdomen as one area, and other parts of the body as a secondary area. That way you are not over doing it. So it helps with saddle bags and love handles, those are the issues you would be addressing with these treatments.

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Tripollar energy is basically radio frequency and works similar to the way a microwave oven reheats food. RF energy works on your tissue and acts as an agent to heat the skin and reduce fat. The tripollar technology works on the principle of having four lower powered RF beams heating the skin. Because you have these four beams, you actually get a better coverage with the hand held device then you would with using something that was bipolar. So you’re actually getting better coverage and more energy into the skin because of the amount of pose that you have on the device. The benefits of RF treatments is the generated heat caused the local contraction of the collagen fibers, therefore tightening the skin. This takes time depending on your age, it takes time you have to be diligent and consistent with the treatment to make that you keep your treatments up. The second benefit is the production of new collegian cells by local fibroblasts is stimulated by heating the dermis and it then acts as a new deep foundation for the skin. So as the heat is stimulating these cells and producing new collagen over a period of time. Collagen takes up to a month to grow, so you will not be seeing an overnight result again. Your skin will hopefully be plumper, that’s the second benefit. The third benefit is, RF improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage and gives you a healthy glow. Obviously lymphatic drainage is very important with what we’re trying to do with home devices. We don’t want is puffiness and trapped lymph in the neck areas which gives us that saggy look versus a taunt healthy look.

Those are the three benefits of using RF, basically it’s transmitting below the epidermis layer, down into the collagen elestin and what’s important with RF if you’re using it for tightening the skin and reducing the fat content. Let’s say you’re doing it at the abdomen, it’s the RF is active at the fatty level within the skin and causing the fat to break down in the same way that the bypoliss system works. RF when using it for fat reduction has the same affect on fat cells. So my finding is the devices are always well made and easy to control. They are very easy and simple to use. Since I bought the device in 2008, I’ve had great results. I know if I have an area I need to work on, it’s a combination of several things, like sensible eating and exercise. There are stubborn areas that I work with the tripollar and have gotten great results. It’s not overnight, it takes time, but it really does work. On it’s on it’s a really a brilliant devise. It works really great.

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