The Venus Factor Review (John Barban): 9 Things You Should Know!

Maybe you have read a lot of The Venus Factor (by John Barban) Reviews written by the program’s affiliates, that’s why you can hardly find a bad review of the Venus Factor. Let me tell you the truth. I write this review just because I bought it myself, researched on it and tested a lot. After using it for 167 days now I am writing my review and here are 9 things you should know.

The Venus Factor Review (John Barban): 9 Things You Should Know!

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The Venus Factor Before and After

1. The author of the Venus Factor, named John Barban, has a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology & Nutrition, and a master’s degree in Human Biology & Nutrition from the University of Guelph in Canada. He got a lot of training certifications and has been doing researches in this field for 8 years and he also works as a professional personal trainer.

2. The scientific concept behind this popular program is to reactivate the Leptin, the key protein that controls the appetite and fat metabolism process. In fact there’re many established researches on this key element that controls fat loss but unfortunately most people and trainers neglected it.

3. The Venus Factor, unlike the other weight loss and bodybuilding programs, is tuned to females.


4. This is a complete bodybuilding plan that includes diet, exercises and nutrition. In fact it’s so complete that you don’t need to buy any other courses! The best way is to stick to this plan till you see the result you desire rather than reading hundreds of different books!

5. You will receive a set of videos which will teach you how to do the exercises step by step. Make sure you take notes down when you watch the video so you don’t have to go back to the menu to find the day again when you forget anything.

6. The Venus Factor has been on market for several years and it is still one of the best sellers. This is because so many people have benefited from this book and then they told their friends and their friends started using it and then told more friends…. That’s why it’s now become so popular.

7. It does not only have 60 days money back guarantee, the official site is McAffe secure and Doctor trusted! Just make sure you buy directly from its official site! You can find the official site below!

8.You can lose up to 5 kg in 2 weeks and here is the proof:

9. The Venus community is very helpful and you can always exchange ideas and share experience with many other girls just like you! It also includes blogs within the community and you can find useful tips there as well. Besides the Venus community, it also has the exclusive Venus index pod-casts, and they are in fact the successful stories shared by its members. Do not neglect them!

To sum up, the Venus Factor is a practical and creative weight loss and bodybuilding all-in-one program. It is effective and has been tested by thousands of people in the world. If you don’t like it you get can your full money back within 60 days.

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