The Carb Nite Solution By John Kiefer: 9 Things You Should Know About The Carb Nite Solution, The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting

Here is my review of “The Carb Nite Solution – The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting” written by John Kiefer. I lost 46 pounds in the past 4 months using the program. The Carb Nite Solution is an amazing weight loss program because it’s rapid, permanent and safe. I picked up “The Carb Nite Solution ” from John Kiefer’s The Carb Nite Solution official website. About 5 months ago.

Here are 9 Things You Should Know About The Carb Nite Solution, The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting

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1. The author John Kiefer is a very well respected physicist and in fact his nickname is “godfather of carb hacks”. He was very fat before and then after reading more than 20,000 published articles during the past 15 years, he came up this fat loss solution with which he effectively burned fat quickly.carb nite solution review Kiefer
2. The main idea behind this program is: it burns fat and preserves muscle at the same time.
3. Why it works because it makes full use of the ketosis by eating a very low carb diet with a weekly carb re-feeds for every 6 to 8 hours.
4. It will make your body in a ketogenic state and it stops the production of the enzymes that help composing fat or converting carbs to fat even in the carb-refeeding period.
5. You should not use the program more than half a year to prevent you from any side effect caused by extreme weight loss.

carb nite solution review John Kiefer
The Carb Nite Solution testimonals (Before and After)

6. The program has its risks due to fast fat loss. One risk is hypothyroidism which is commonly seen in people who lose weight fast. This kind of hypothyroidism is easy to be reversed by using some methods. Here is one useful e-book of natural hypothyroidism treatment you can read to prevent yourself from getting hypothyroidism or cure the disease caused by low-carb diet. Note that if you have low blood pressure or if you have hypothyroidism do not use the diet!
7. With the program, it will make your body continuously burn fat for more than 4 days afterwards.
8. It will show you what foods you should eat and what you should not; the sample meal plans that you can follow for 30 days; a list of recipes that you can cook. These diets and recipes are extremely useful because they have been tested by hundreds of people already.
9. Note that some foods are not gluten-free. If you looking for gluten-free ketogenic diet recipes. Do not buy it!

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The verdict

The Carb Nite Solution – The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting is very useful for people who are looking for fast weight loss. With its 60 days money back guarantee you have 0 risk to use it! Try it today!

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