Teenage Acne Causes and Teenage Acne Treatments

It’s quite common to see teenage acne among teenagers. But do you know the real teenage acne causes? Most teens and their parents thought the main reason for teenage acne causes are unproper diet. But according to scientists. This is not the truth!

Teenage Acne Causes and Teenage Acne Treatments

The causes of teenage acne are mixed with each other.

– Hormone surge

One main reason for teenage acne causes is hormone level changes. Such hormone level changes would lead to excessive oil production which are the main reason for acne.

When oil production increased, the oil together with the dead skin cells would plug the follicles then it would form an environment where bacterias are easily to live. This leads to infections of the red pimples or acne breakout.

– Family history

Family history also played an important role in teenage acne. If your parents have the history of the teen acne, it’s more likely that the kids would also have acne. Scientists have found that the severe teenage acne always links with family history because they have certain skin type that made the sebum more easily to be plugged at the follicles.

– Diet

The truth is diet is in fact not so important as you thought about. But if you used to eat drunky foods and fried foods,  such diet would definately have some relation with the teenage acne.

The basic mechanisms of Teenage Acne Treatments are

– Make the skin not so sticky so the sebum not plugged at the follicle.

– Anti-bacteria

– Anti-inflammation

Here are the recommendations for Teenage Acne Treatments

– Always look for anti-acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid

– Use it consistently

– Try it for a week or so, if it’s not work, talk to your doctor or dermatologist to change the acne treatment.

– Topical and oral antibiotics sometimes help

– isotretinoin helps certain type of teens age, but only use it if your doctors recommend you to take

– besides medications, keep your skin clean and wash face twice a day

– Do not touch your acne with your hand