Taste of The Wild Review: My Own Experience

I have heard of “Taste of The Wild” for a couple of times from my friends so I searched online, and I just found mixed reviews. I bought a package for my dogs. At first my dogs don’t eat as much as usual, but it’s evident that they seem to like it. So I asked some friends and then realized my dogs get full because of the high protein.

Now after eating the dog food for 6 months, my dogs are very healthy. I’m very happy because I have already tried a number of dry dog food brands, but our dogs never seemed to care for any of those brands, until we bought this. After taking the dog food for a few weeks, the fur is shinny, and even our oldest dog runs around like a puppy.
I’m also very happy knowing this is a product with great quality and is very safe for our dogs. The coats look amazing.
The dog food costs less than many other brands, and with its high protein ingredients, our dogs eat less to stay full, so it saved us quite a lot.
I also consulted at a pet clinic when my oldest dog had worm, they said it’s good eat the grain free dry dog food like this because it does good to the digestive systems. That may explain why they are so healthy.
It also helps for allergies.
I have tried several flavors. I should say: stay away from the salmon flavor. As far as I know many dogs never adjust to this flavor.
One of my dogs is 13 years old and has a lot of allergies, she loves the dog food too.
Compared with some other online stores I finally chose Amazon because Amazon is cheaper than the others, such as Tractor Supply or the local stores and it will be delivered right to the door.
The only thing is the dog food leaves my dog smelling a bit fishy for certain flavors. If you cant stand with it do not buy it.
Now I also buy it for my 2 cats and they all love them.
So now I recommend it to nearly all of my friends with pets, and it’s also great to know most of the dogs become much healthier after switching to this brand.
Recommended flavor: Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison

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