Review: Get STD Test Results in 1-2 days and Free Doctor Consultation Review

If you haven’t heard of it, then here’s STDcheck in a nutshell: As the name suggests, it is a private STD checking Service made to make the whole process stress free and easy. It has a fast turnaround too, with results arriving within two days. You can get STD Test results in 1-2 days and free doctor consultation as well.

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STDcheck results examples.

Let’s get started!

How it Works:

Unlike traditional methods, privacy is the policy upon which this works.

Step 1: To start off, you need to buy a 10-Test Package that is comprehensive enough to detect most forms of STDs

Step 2: As soon as you purchase the package, will check with registered clinics to select the nearest one available. Currently, has over 4000 clinics under its belt

The basic process is extremely simple, with your urine and blood sample being collected quickly. An additional bonus is that you don’t have to fill any paperwork and don’t need to provide your name. Your details are secure, and to identify yourself, all you have to do is to provide a unique ID generated by STDcheck,com.

Step 3: Within 2 days of you providing the sample, you will receive the results via Email, and in case it is positive, support is just a call away. Sometimes, you may even be given treatment instructions over the Phone.


The 10 Test Panel is the recommended package, covering most STDs, but it costs $219, which is quite pricey. If you want to get tested for only one STD, you will have to shell out anywhere around $89 and $99.

In addition to this, HIV Detection is offered by In fact, it is the only online Service offering RNA HIV Detection Test that has passed the FDA’s rigorous tests. Results may take upto 11 days to show up, and It costs $175.

It offers quick and polite Customer Support over Email, tollfree Numbers and Live Chats. In my experience, its Customer Support is extremely knowledgable and knows how best to interact with customers,

It is a complicated proces, so make sure to get your doubts cleared before you actually make the purchase.


If you are still not convinced about STDcheck, it has a page filled with thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers. Now you can get $10 off your order! Check out the limited coupon code below!


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