Top 8 Skin Care Mistakes and Misconceptions Most Women Make

Read the following “Skin Care Mistakes and Misconceptions Most Women Make”. Most girls takes good care of her skin years after years, but there’re many skin care mistakes and misconceptions that I bet you have neglected and you are still making such mistakes.

The following Skin Care Mistakes and Misconceptions are leanted from doctors and makeup artists.

Top 8 Skin Care Mistakes and Misconceptions Most Women Make

1. Apply skin care products randomly

Many girls applied skin care products randomly. This is the wrong way and may result in waste of time, although nothing bad for your skin.

If you don’t put your products on in the proper order, not only will the products not work effectively, it’s a waste of time, money, and effort. – NYC dermatologist Dr. Schultz

How to apply skin care products in the right order?

Here are the right order from the first thing to apply to your face to the last

1). lightest products like water based or alcohol-based skin care products

2). gels

3). light lotions

4). creams which are heavier

5). thick serums

6). ointment-based

“After you apply your first product, the second product has to have the ability to go through it in order to penetrate the skin.”

But there’re exceptions. According to Dr. Schultz, sunscreen and acne products that should be apply first.

Now, according to Dr. Schultz, there are two exceptions to this weight rule: sunscreen and acne products.

Here are the 3 reasons:

1). SPF needs about half an hour to set

2). Sunscreen only works on bare skin because molecules must align and orientate parallel to each other, creating a grid that absorbs UV energy while Creams can interfere with this grid, both on physical and chemical sunscreens, because the product can create bumps and ridges on the surface of the skin.

3). most sunscreens were tested on bare skin, meaning you don’t know how applying a cream first will impact the efficacy and duration of your sun protection. So, either apply a light sunscreen first, followed by products that are heavier than that, or skip that whole mess by opting for a moisturizer with sunscreen, or Dr. Schultz’ personal favorite, a BB cream.

As far as your acne products go, Dr. Schultz says that those product are only really effective if they are applied directly on the problem area of the skin, meaning you don’t want other products to interfere with that. So apply them lightly first (even before your sunscreen), then add the rest of your regimen.


2. Apply as many skin care products as possible

It’s not right to apply as many as possible of your skin care products, in fact, according to stylist artist, control the number of your skincare products to just 3 or 4 each day would be enough, the more you use, the higher chance irritating the skin.

“You only need a cleanser, daily sunscreen, and a treatment-oriented product—like a moisturizer, acne treatment, or anti-aging product,” Luftman


3. Pick up skin care all-in-one products

There’re many skin care products now claimed to be all-in-one effects are favored by girls that are busy. According to stylist artists, multi-task skin care products always contain more and often irritating ingredients that are harsh for your skin and these products are not likely to contain enough ingredients to achieve the effects they claimed.

The right thing to do is to choose skincare products with fewer ingredients that focus a specific issue.


4. Scrub the face with chemical packed products to exfoliate

You can scrub the face to exfoliate, but not right with the common used drug store brand scrubs for cleansing. The right way to scrub the face is to exforliate is to use fruit.

Right way: rub with the inside skin of Vitamin C – rich fresh fruits such as mashed strawberries, mango or fresh pineapple chunks on your face, set for minutes then watch your face. This way works best for nearly all skin types.


5. Wear full makeup when doing exercising

Many girls rush to the gym without bare faced. Some other wear skin care products that claimed not clogging the skin pores. This is wrong. Even such makeup products would easily cause skin issues after you sweat a lot.

The right way for doing exercising is to bare your face, or basic tinted moisturizer at most.


6. Miss sunscreen 

Most girls wear sunscreen in summer time, but for the other cooler days, many girls forgot to wear sunscreen, this is wrong. According to new research, applying sunscreen higher than SPF 15 on a daily basis also has the anti-aging effect! If you have to stay in the sun for longer time, do apply stronger sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.


7. Wash face with hot water

It’s always comfortable after you wash face with hot water and it gives a misconception that you will get clean face. But the truth is hot water may cause skin issues, such as dry skin, and for sensitive skin such as irritation or redness. So the right way is to use warm water.


8. Bread and pasta has no relation with acne

There’re numerous researches that have proved high-glycemic foods linked to breakouts. So take care of what you are eating especially foods with high-glycemic.