Rose Angelique Rose Hip Oil

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Product Features

  • Improves damaged face, neck, cuticles, nails, hair, elbows, feet, lips, sunburned skin, burned skin

Product Description

Angelique Rose Hip Oil is the finest moisturizer in history. Get ready to shed that dry look for a soft, younger look that speaks to all who meet you. Rosa Angelica works in stages. First stage is a moisturizing, the second stage is beautiful smooth soft complexion with color tone and freshness of youth. Your skin will feel like dew and will not feel like anything you have tries before. You skin feels as though it can breath and that is exactly what it is doing.

This is not normal oil in any sense of the word, 80% is made of very small molecules of essential fatty acids which bond well with water. The water is the moisture the Rosa Angelica is the bond for that water. Experiment with water; the ratio of water to our Rose Hip Seed oil can be very high. Always feel free to place water on the skin.


“I am the person that used Rosa Angelica on the right side of my face for forty days to see if I could really see a difference. It became obvious to me and everyone who looked at me. It did make a difference. I am fifty eight years old and have spent 24 hours a day for all of those years growing old. Now I am spending 15 minutes a day to help me stay young. Joyce Ware, Mentor, Ohio

“I have been using Rosa Angelica for approximately 3 months, my skin looks better and healthier than it ever has. I am 38 years old and people are starting to tell me that I look younger and my skin glows. Thanks again for such a great product. Deborah Cranston, Canton, Ohio.

“I had stretch marks on both legs from childbirth, now I have a really hard time trying to find where they are to put more on so they will be completely gone. I also had a burn on my wrist from my oven. Well guess what, it’s almost gone too. I’m just amazed at the results I’ve seen. In the winter my cheeks are so dry they burn like a sunburn. So far this winter not one time have my cheeks burned from the cold weather. Even the little crows feet around my eyes have vanished. I don’t think anything compares to Rosa Angelica. Mrs. Kandi Hasher, Diamond, Ohio

  • Reverse the aging process of damaged skin
  • Can be applied under make-up and sun screen
  • Repairs damaged skin cells
  • Delivers down through 6 layers of skin