Rosa Mosqueta for Acne and Acne Scars.

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Rosa Mosqueta

Ingredients:  Rosa rubiginosa (organic Rosa Mosqueta) seed oil.

You may have heard of rosa mosqueta as a rich source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). These are essential fatty acids, which retains and attracts moisture for healthier and more youthful looking skin. It is 100% natural and delivers fantastic results for many different skin problems. From acne, to aging, eczema, scars, skin burns, moisturizing, it is an absolute essential for everyone male female young or old. With no additives it is a simple product that works.

The rosa mosqueta oil is obtained from the seed contained intensely red berry-like fruit – or hips – of the rose bush. Seeds are collected and carefully processed to obtain a high concentration of essential fatty acids which provide remarkable tissue-regenerating and rejuvenating effects.

In fact, rosa mosqueta oil has been used by many for generations to treat dry skin, help reduce signs of premature ageing and fade off blemishes such as dry skin, pigmentation spots, stretch mark, acne scars and sun spots. It has also proven to be particularly effective in the treatment of scars and burns by improving skin quality, color and texture. This applies to accidental and surgical scarring and skin which has been damaged by acne.

Rosa mosqueta oil is a wonderful Treatment for stretch marks.  The good news is that stretch marks are not necessarily a permanent condition, which too many people is a sigh of relief. The Rosa mosqueta oil, is a state of the art skin care treatment for stretch marks. The best skin friendly way to softly and quickly attenuate significantly those unsightly stretch marks, restoring a healthy and beautiful skin surface that we all want to have.

It is very much an aid to our skin, as it has a reputation of being a barrier to exterior environment by not letting substances such as cosmetic ingredients or airborne pollutants penetrate into it.  The truth is that the skin acts as a filter to assess and determine the relationship – the user-friendliness, if you will – to the interior body itself. The skin is a very accommodating organ. The approximately six pounds of skin each human carries around is a porous membrane one-twentieth of an inch thick, through which numerous toxins enter the body. The most immediate environment to our skin is what we put on it topically. Yes, it’s the skin care and cosmetics we personally select.

A Research by the School of Pharmacology faculty at the University of Missouri found that applying rosa mosqueta oil to surgical scars immediately after removal of stitches prevents the formation of keloid (lump) scars. A study at the University of Seville also confirmed the benefits of this oil in treating post-operative scarring. The research team from the University of Concepcion observed an improvement in both the color and texture of burn scars as a result of using rosa mosqueta oil.

Remember that with old, traumatic dermal scars, it will take longer to see any effects and, again, it will depend on the age of the scar, its location and the age of the person. Rosa Mosqueta oil also directs moisture to parched areas without over- treating “normal” skin. Use it for seasonal dryness, or after playing sports, to restore softness and tone. It may be used day and night. All and all, Rosa Mosqueta gives results which is the dream of millions…to have a healthy more youthful appearance and a smoother complexion. It really is a must for every one!

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