ReJuveness offers a wide array of scar treatment products with a promise to help people achieve smoother, softer and flattened scars using a painless, easy to use and affordable daily regimen. ReJuveness over the counter scar treatment promotes the natural healing process and restores the skin to its normal texture and color.

You can use ReJuveness to improve the appearance of old scars or minimize scarring from recent surgery or injuries. ReJuveness scar reducing cream and silicone sheeting are guaranteed to improve your scar(s). We offer our customers an all-inclusive scar treatment kit that includes a silicone scar sheet, scar cream, and medical tape. Customers can use our new derma roller as part of your daily beauty regimen to treat white scarring and stretch mark scars.

One of our famous product is the silicone sheeting that can be used either with a tape or an adhesive backing to help lighten and flatten scars. ReJuveness products are clinically tested safe for humans and is made of all natural ingredients perfect for people who have sensitive skins.

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