Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth Product Reviews: Does Provillus Really Work? (Ingredients, Side effects, Price)

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In the market today there are many hair loss products but many of those are manufactured using toxic chemicals that cause many side effects including sexual dysfunction.

Pacific Naturals have developed a natural way of dealing with hair loss in both men and women. This product is called provillus, which is very effective in dealing with hair loss.

Provillus is a product that offers solution in two ways. One, it prevents hair loss and on the other hand it makes the hair to grow again. It is a combination of topical solution and an oral supplement that is in form of capsules

The tropical solution in this product contains minoxidil which is the only ingredient approved by the FDA and it is clinically proven to make hair grow again naturally. This substance is a blood vessel dilator which contains anti-androgen properties. It stimulates the hair follicles to produce thick hair and at the same time it rejuvenates the damaged and the dying hair follicles to health.

The capsule provided contains nutritious substances that are required by the hair follicle so that it can spring back to life again. This capsule contains such ingredients like vitamin B6, magnesium and Biotin which boost one’s overall health and at the same time boosting hair production.

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Provillus Ingredients

Provillus has two formulas, one for men and the other one for women. The ingredients in the capsules are indicated on the label of the product. The active ingredients of Provillus is Minoxidil. The only ingredient approved by the FDA with effective re-growth effect. Unlike the other hair regrowth products, Provillus contained different concentrations of Provillus for females and males based on wide clinical research results which guaranteed most effective results. Plus, it’s manufacture by Pacific Naturals guarantees its high quality.

How Provillus works?

Before explaining how the product work it is good to first understand why people lose hair and what Dihydrotestostrone (DMT) means. DMT is a by-product of testosterone and it is the one responsible for making the life of hair follicles short. This happens when it attaches itself to the hair follicle interrupting it growth. This usually starts as the person start to get old. The hair follicle gets thinner, weaker and finally it dies all together.

Clinically proven results!

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After understanding this it will be easier for people to know that the first cause of action of any hair loss product is to inhibit DHT hence preventing hair lose. Provillus is manufactured in two formulas for men and women and therefore we will discus how each one of them work.

In the male version provillus helps to block DHT, although it does not interfere with testosterone in any way, through this hair lose is stopped in men regardless of their age and the level they have lost their hair. After stopping more hair loss provillus supplies the body with the required nutrients that will help in repairing and rejuvenating the damaged and the dead hair follicles. This product enables men to regrow and retain their hair regardless of their age.

In the female version provillus helps to restore natural hormonal balance, when the hormone balance is restored to normal the body stimulates growth and rejuvenation of the hair follicles preventing more hair loss and at the same time helping the lost hair to regrow. Provillus is very essential in nourishing dead hair follicles in women and stopping further hair loss.

Provillus is very different from other hair loss product because it consists of pills and topical treatments. One will be treating their hair both from the inside and the outside. This is different from other products because many are purely topical.

How to use Provillus?

Provillus is offered as two separate products, which are a topical solution and a dietary supplement in form of a capsule. Both men and women use the product in the same way.

Suggested use

Topical solution

The topical solution should be applied in dry hair. Apply one dropper of the solution every morning and make sure that it is rubbed evenly on the hair and the scarp until it dries. It dries faster and make sure to wash the hand well after application.


These capsules are dietary supplements and adults should take two capsule with food and enough water or as directed by the physician.

Provillus Results

Provillus have been proven in various clinical trials involving many men and women. Some people wonder how long they will use the product for results to be seen but different people reports different waiting periods. There are some who get their results in a few weeks while others wait for up to six months.

As always with all kind of treatments, different people respond differently to drugs. Although it is also good to consider the condition of the hair and the stage of hair loss each individual using provillus is experiencing.

Those who want to regrow or stop hair loss should take a step early because chances of the hair to regrow reduce as one looses more hair.


There are no documented side effects from using provillus because the product is 100% natural and it is approved by FDA. This product is manufactured by Pacific Naturals which is one of the leading companies in manufacturing a wide range of high quality homeopathic products.

However people should know that the male version contains saw palmetto which can be dangerous to unborn babies. This is the reason why this ingredient is not included in the female version. There are some evidence that Saw Palmetto cause difficulties and urinating.

It is also good for people with any kind of medical condition to seek medical advice from their doctor before using this product, although it is very safe to maintain or re-grow the hair with provillus.


– If a person orders for a supply of six months they will get a two months free supply enabling them to save $79. – Those ordering for four months will get a one month free supply saving them $39.
– The product offers a 90 day return policy
– It is 100% natural
– It helps to stop hair loss and at the same time making the lost hair to regrow
– It has nutritious support for the immune system, skin. Nails and prostate health.
– It has no side effects
– It is approved by the FDA
– No doctors prescription is needed
– It is the number one hair loss product in the market according to consumers worldwide
– It offers discreet billing and shipping worldwide


– It can cause scalp irritation
– Should not be applied on injured, sunburned or irritated scalp
– People on other drugs should get a doctor prescription.

Provillus Natural Hair Regrowth testimonals (before and after photos)

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Before and after just after 6 months

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Provillus is a product that is highly recommended to people who would want to prevent hair los or to regrow their hair. Although it might take some time to see results it is rated as the best product in the market by a majority of people who have used it and got impressive results, therefore it is very worthy trying it.

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