PEDIGREE Dog Food Review – My Own Experience

I didn’t really like Pedigree dry dog food after reading some negative reviews on Internet. What prevented me from buying this brand previously is because I read a review from an article from “” and it just gave it a 1 star rating out of 5. Another reason I didn’t buy this brand in the past few years is, there’re many brands that are much lower than Pedigree.
However, there’s one thing that keeps me buying the dog foods. The main reason is because my dogs love it. I have tried a bunch of dog food brands because I have 3 dogs, and they are are picky eaters. This is the only dry dog food that they all like.
They have great support team. The first time I received the dog food I felt so worried and wanted to learn more about it. If all of my dogs can eat it? Will it do harm to my lovely dogs because of its poorly rating? I contacted them and they gave me a call immediately and told me everything I wanted to know. They said I can call them anytime or just leave them message and they will contact me.
So far this is the lowest price I can find online. I visited several local stores and the price is quite higher.
After purchasing it for a couple of times I recommended the Pedigree adult children flavor dog food to my sister because her dog is also very picky and her dog can’t even tolerate certain brands, so I recommended the dog food to her. Her dog ate it up in 2 weeks. So she purchased the dog food ever since.
I think the dog food is quite healthy. I don’t know how to tell the good or bad ingredients, but after eating the dog food, one of my dogs, which is a chihuahua puppy, start growing like little weeds, and after changing the foods to this one, my dog never go to Pet Clinic.
Finally, it has a great taste. Yes I tried it myself and it’s delicious.
A little more about the review on, I friend who works in the pet clinics, told me yesterday that it’s quite possible that Pedigree dog food is not associated with that review site so they gave it a high score. I don’t know if it’s true or not, anyway, my dogs love it and they are now very healthy I think that’s quite sufficient for me to keep buying the dog foods.
You can try it if your dog is picky or sensitive.

This the the one my 3 dogs love to eat: PEDIGREE Adult Chicken Flavor Dog Food (about $35 for 36 pounds)

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