Must Read! Old School New Body F4X Reviews! (Steve Holman and Becky Holman)

Must Read! Old School New Body F4X Reviews! (Steve Holman and Becky Holman)

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“Old School New Body” (Oldschoolnewbody F4X protocal) authored by Steve Holman and Becky Holman is a very popular program that was launched by developers Steve Holman, editor-in-chief of Iron Man Magazine, together with his wife Becky Holman, and John M. Rowley who is considered to be “America’s lifestyle strategist”. Together they have laid an unshakable foundation that will help those who are over 40 slow down the effects of aging.  The user reviews have shown completely positive results with 0 side effects.
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Old School New Body F4X Reviews

What is “Old School New Body”?

“OldSchoolNewBody” is a package that combines dietary plans with F4X workouts in order to make the user work out more effectively, and also teaches them how wrong it is to load themselves with excessive workouts. These make them appear bulkier, as opposed to transforming their physique into a leaner and more toned one which is what they ultimately desire. By utilizing this program in conjunction with the dietary plans, all the hard work will go into sculpting a more toned physique. There will be no energy needlessly wasted, as our program is scientifically researched to provide top results while exerting maximum force in key areas of the body.

One only has to dedicate oneself to no more than 90 minutes of full body exercises a week! The reason that the “Old School New Body” program works is that it is unlike other diets and exercise plans; low-fat diets are not encouraged because our body needs fats and cholesterol in order to synthesize vital hormones in order to maintain homeostatic balance. This, coupled with the mechanism of water, which is explained in detail, means there will be no hunger pains because the body does not go into starvation mode.

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60 Money back guarantee! You have 0 risk to get it!

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The three phases

The three phases that the “oldschoolnewbody” system implements to properly target the body are:

1. F4X Lean

The implementation of the F4x Lean Meal plan when it is coupled with a few of the key old school new body specific movements will ensure that the user sheds the unwanted fat and is able to get that lean body that they have always wanted. The next two steps are completely optional, unless the individual wishes to build muscle on top of his/her newly toned and lean physique, as this step alone will get the toned and lean body that one desires.

2. F4X Shape

This phase will add a little more muscle to the already lean and toned physique, this process is twofold since muscle burns more calories, even at rest, this will allow one to be able to take in more nutrition and calories without jeopardizing ones dietary plan.

3 F4x Build

If one has always dreamed of being a Mini body builder and having that properly muscled and toned physique, than this is the step for them. One will have to follow a little more workout regimens, specifically designed at building more muscle, and meal plans targeted at boosting the metabolism and also giving the individual a little boost of energy to continue the workouts, but at the end of this phase they will look more like a mini Hulk than the individual that first began this phase!

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The pros of old school new body

1. There is no product out there, to our knowledge that notices the importance of a person’s age and then is able to build a workout program, along with a diet, that is specifically targeted at this factor. With the old school new body’s program cutting out the unnecessary exercise and dietary restrictions, one is able to achieve that compliment-attracting physique no matter what their age is.

2. Although the results of this program are permanent, old school new body developers are honest in mentioning that if one experiences fantastic results during the beginning of the program and then decides to go back to the way they use to live, this is not a magic wand that will halt the aging process, only slow it down through the continued dedication to the program.

3. Many other programs fail because they teach deprivation; Old school new body does not encourage this practice. There are specific times in the program where users are encouraged to eat their favorite food, this way they do not overload on fat and also makes it easier to fight cravings.

4. With only 90 minutes, or less, of exercise required each week, one will be well on their way to the lean and toned physique they have always wanted within the first few weeks.

5. With a program that has been verified and declared effective thorough a scientific study, what more proof does one need?

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With every exercise program there are cons, maybe not so readily admitted, but here are the cons of Old school new body.

1. This program takes hard work, granted, over a very short amount of time, but the authors are sure to stress that this will not be an overnight transformation. In fact if one is looking for an overnight transformation the developers recommend not purchasing this program, one should only choose this program if they are dedicated and ready for a permanent change in their health and lifestyle.

2. As with any physical activity, or new dietary change, consult ones local physician before beginning the type of strenuous activity laid out in Old School new bodies exercise and dietary plan.

With a 100% money back guarantee in the first 60 days if there is anything one does not find satisfactory, and a simple exercise plan accompanied by or old school new body formulated tasty diet, what to waiting for? Get old school new body today and start the journey to a healthier and energetic body and in the process, help the body in the fight to slow down the process of aging. Good luck and have a happy, and fun, journey on the road to personal transformation. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and commit to the program in order to see the most drastic changes possible.


Old School New Body F4x Exercise results

Does it works? Check the following Old School New Body F4x before and after photos

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Old School New Body F4x Exercise Review, Does it Work, Results, Book Download 3

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  1. Awesome! I gained 40 lbs with my second baby but it didn’t come off a bit after breastfeeding. So I tried the old school new body program because I don’t have time to do workout at the gym. The program is easy to follow and it just costs no more than 2 hours a week!
    I lost 20 pounds just within 2 months! Amazing result!

  2. Wonderful book! Love it very much!

  3. It works!!!!!!!!

  4. I would not call hard work a “con”. The program is hard work, but if you stick with it, you ARE going to see results.

  5. Exercise is work and if you love the results, the work is worth it. This program is top notch!

  6. This program worked soooo good. I lost weight and bulked up my muscles a little bit! Thanks!

  7. F4X is designed to make you look younger. I followed it for half a year and the result is shocking. I look at least 5 years younger than before and lost 64 pounds!

  8. F4X is awesome! I like it because the entire course is very affordable, yet it has the similar, maybe better results as going regularly to a gym.

  9. I’m a busy mom..have 2 kids and have to work 5 days a week..Can I use it? Or which programs suit me best?

  10. InesLim, I am a busy mom too! “Old school new body” suits you because this program has NO long length fitness courses! It focuses on short bursts of strength exercise. In fact that’s why F4X has so amazing effect! It stops free radicals accumlating within your body so you will become younger and younger!
    That’s why I like it. I lost 20 pounds naturally within 4 months. I feel happy and energetic. A friend even asked me if I went through cosmetic procedures.

  11. I have tried multiple times to buy the program at the official website but it will not go through — keeps says “error” it’s not my card and I’ve checked with click bank who say they can do nothing.
    Where can I buy the ebook and bonuses and get started?

    • Sorry I can’t help you either. Maybe you can ask your friend to buy it for you. Good luck