Natural Skin Care Kit-Soap, Clay, Collagen, Memory, Expression

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Women spend a lot of time and money looking for the right treatment for their face because they have sensitive skin. Harsh chemical contents from beauty products cause skin irritation. It is hard to get an all-natural product that is good for people with sensitive skin.

Good thing they found the Natural Skin Care Kit! It is usually applied in the morning and at night before going to sleep. You will immediately see the magic within 24 hours. The fine lines and dreaded wrinkles diminish right away. You will especially like the lavender soap because you will feel it penetrate inside the pores giving your face a youthful glow and the scent is so pure it is very soothing.

After washing with Rejuveness natural skin care kit’s lavender soap, apply the Indian Mineral mask to remove free radicals from your face and skin. You will feel it rejuvenate the dead skin cells from your skin caused by every day stress and the environment. These wrinkles and dead skin cells are usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, not enough sleep, or dehydration. Other environmental factors can also cause toxins on your skin. Some chemicals from beauty products are left behind and with sensitive skin; some people usually get irritated or feel a sting and burning sensation. Gently washed off the Indian mineral mask with lavender soap and dry it with a towel.

Next in the natural skin care kit is the Formula 1 expression lines. It is very easy to apply on your expression lines and let it stay there for around 5 – 10 minutes. You will feel more confident by seeing the effect of Formula 1 right away. It locks in your skin’s face making it more youthful and removes the wrinkles.

Another part of the package is the Collagen Builder with an exceptional repair on my chapped and dried skin. It brings back the life to your skin. It usually takes a few hours to take effect when applying the Collagen Builder before going to sleep. When you wake up, you will see that it restores the parts of your skin that has been damaged by the sun’s heat.

Lastly, the memory serum, gives the skin the minerals and vitamins needed to restore its natural radiance. Its main contents include lecithin and enzymes from aloe vera. These ingredients supplements the nutrients that