Liberty Generator Review (Abel Thomas): Does Liberty Generator Scam or Not?

Many friends asked me to write a “Liberty Generator review” because I was the first one who built the “Liberty Generator” created by Abel Thomas. That’s why I wrote this honest review after truly using it. What exactly is the Liberty generator? it is a bio-gas electricity generator that uses your household’s organic waste and makes it into biopsies which is then used for power generation. This concept is very old and the same technology is being used in many countries like India where people don’t have access to the modern power grid but do need power for heating and cooking bio-gas generators are nothing new.

Liberty Generator Review (Abel Thomas) Does Liberty Generator Scam or Not

Liberty Generator Review

Here are several things you should know!

  1. Many people are already using them in America and elsewhere in the world. This concept works and it works well if you put organic matter into a closed environment and catch the gases being produced today a decomposition then you will get flammable.
  2. The great thing is that it’s a simple technology that doesn’t require a lot of expert knowledge and anybody with some technical skill can build a generator like that at home for relatively little money absolutely, as long as you produce enough bio-gas for electricity production to make a considerable change in the old build.
  3. The only bad side of it is that you constantly have to keep feeding it with new organic matter for it to work if you stop putting in waste it will eventually stop being effective while there are no limits to what kind of organic matter you can use some people might find it hard to come up with enough of it, especially if they live in a more urban environment. For those who live in the countryside this shouldn’t be a problem at all.
  4. On the official site they claim you won’t have to pay for electricity anymore and while this could be true you would need a pretty big by August generator or very small electricity consumption while it will cut down your electricity costs, it will not completely eliminated unless you don’t use much of today’s electrical technology since we all have different needs electricity. This promise is a bit far fetched as you’ll probably only cover a percentage of your power consumption with the by August.
  5. The whole process is explained in step-by-step videos showing you the first planning steps to the end of construction additionally you receive a written guide with pictures explaining everything in text.
  6. It is quite easy to understand and follow. Some technical knowledge is required but you can easily guessed that information online.
  7. 60 Days money back guarantee!

Liberty Generator Review (Abel Thomas) Does Liberty Generator Scam or 2 Not

Why not try it today? You can try everything with 0 risk!

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