Lexington Law Review: How Lexingtonlaw Helped Me Clear Up My Bad Credit Report

Below is my honest review of being a client of Lexington Law (LexingtonLaw.com).Having problems with credit card bills and loan payments are definitely one of those life experiences that I wish to never have to go through again. Things were actually fine when I was still at school working on my MBA, somehow I could manage my time to handle two jobs while kept on studying until I graduated.

Lexington Law Review My Own Experience of Being a Client of Lexingtonlaw 2

The problems started after I got my MBA, I moved to a new city, left my old jobs behind hoping to find a better one with my MBA, but that was when reality hits me, a shiny MBA diploma doesn’t necessarily make a bunch of great companies beg you to work for them. I was unemployed for a long time while my credit card bills and loan payments were piling up quickly, at that point I realized that I had done some serious damages to my credit.

Lexington Law Firm has helped hundreds of thousands of clients take action and repair their credit, since being founded in 1991.

I called Lexington Law based on a friend’s suggestion and also after seeing a lot of positive reviews on the Internet. I was so surprised that they actually got the ball rolling on the very same day I made the call. It was really beyond my expectations, because I heard that the turnaround time in most credit repair companies can take weeks or even months.

The account manager that I spoken with was diligent and thorough, he provided me with several possible solutions for my problems. I love the fact that they are always available at anytime, they have provided me with all the answers I need and some great advice for me to make the most positive impact on my credit.

My case was quite severe, or at least that’s what I think, and I thought it would take many months to get my credit fixed. But not with Lexington Law, probably because they got the ball rolling very quickly. Even in the first week they had already come up with a bunch of evidence and started writing letters to dispute my issues. I would definitely recommend Lexington Law for anyone with bad credit problems.

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Review submitted by Daniel D. Graham