Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener

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Having dark spots can take away the natural glow and radiance of your skin. However, it is common knowledge that dark spots can be quite difficult to fade and make them disappear altogether. There are so many whitening products out there that claim to help improve discolorations, hyperpigmentations, and dark spots but only a few of them will perform and deliver what they claim. Stop worrying about your dark spots and try almost all whitening products available just to make those dark spots fade because Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener is now available to answer all those problems.

With Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener, you won’t have to worry about the dark spots plaguing your skin anymore because this product works effectively using the latest developments and discoveries in skin lightening to significantly fade and eliminate hyperpigmentations such as: freckles, sun spots, acne marks, melasma, old scars, birth marks, age spots, chloasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it is made with dermaceutically-advanced formulation to help you achieve not just whiter but also flawless and more skin without the added costs and risks that other products or surgical procedures are associated with.


The wonder of Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener lies behind its powerful and active ingredients that work wonderfully together to help achieve the brightest and lightest your skin can achieve. Here are 6 of the clinically-tested and proven potent skin lightening ingredients this product is formulated with:

• Niacinamide – about 89% of participants tested to use niacinamide moisturizer reported dramatic and visible results in just a few days. They noticed lightening of hyperpigmentations and their skin becoming brighter than before.

• Sodium Lactate – 95% of participants tested to use sodium lactate creams three times every day reported to have dramatic whitening results after a few weeks.

• Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate – this ingredient in conjunction with sodium lactate boosts the products skin whitening properties. It was reported that magnesium ascorbyl phosphate can be 200% more effective to whiten the skin when used together with sodium lactate.

• Whytonyl – this ingredient helps prevent melanin production of the skin by up to 52%. Hyperpigmentations and discolorations are caused by overproduction of melanin in certain parts of the skin. Therefore, reducing melanin production of the skin is important to inhibit formation of hyperpigmentations and discolorations.

• Alpha-Arbutin – this ingredient is clinically-tested to be 20-60% more effective with whitening the skin than any other whitening ingredient out there such as Titanium Dioxide. Moreover, 85% of participants tested with alpha-arbutin creams reported to see dramatic skin whitening results in just 90 days.

• Hydrolite 5 and SymGlucanol – these ingredients work hand in hand to boost the abilities of the other ingredients that it comes with. They are clinically proven to improve the bioavailability of the other ingredients making the product even more effective while at the same time improving skin texture by improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Dark spots and other discolorations on the skin shouldn’t bother you anymore. With the help of Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener you can make all forms of hyperpigmentations on your skin fade and disappear. Now, you can feel more confident again with skin that is brighter, lighter, and fresher-looking.