Hypnosis Certified (Hypnosis & NLP Certification Courses) (by Steve G. Jones) review- Legit or Scam?

Visit the Hypnosis Certified (Hypnosis & NLP Certification Courses) by  Steve G. Jones official website. Hypnosis Certified (Hypnosis & NLP Certification Courses) official website.


Hypnosis & NLP Certification Courses review (Steve G. Jones)

Steve G. Jones has come up with this incredible and new website called Hypnosis Certified where he is working hard day and night to ensure that people who are trying to learn the process of hypnosis are able to get some kind of certification. He is offering up a number of different hypnosis courses and classes where he has dedicated his time in teaching people not only the way to hypnotize people correctly but also how one can make money as a full time hypnotist. He is working hard day and night to ensure that young hypnotists do not fall into poverty just because they want to pursue their passions.

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There are five main courses that the website is offering to interested people.

Basic Hypnosis

This is the very basic course that is offered up on the website and as the name suggests it is mostly introductory and does not involve the extremely difficult details. There are eight modules in total. The first one is introductory and one will learn about controlling the environment, the responsibilities that come with the job and recording a session and a modern day hypnotist’s technique. Module 2 is about pre-talk only and here, students will learn about the talk they are supposed to have with their patients before the actual process of hypnotism. This is where one basically carries out different talks to gain their trust.

Modules three, four and five are Induction, Deepening and Scripts respectively. In the first two stages, one is supposed to lure the patient into the hypnotic state and then deepen that state. In scripts, one will learn how to deliver the positive message to the open subconscious mind of the patient. Students will be taught how to create their own scripts. Modules six and seven are about Amnesia and Trance Termination. While in Amnesia, people will be taught how to erase the hypnotic session from a person’s memory so it is not overanalyzed; in Trance Termination one learns how to bring a person back to consciousness. The session ends with a Final Exam.

Advanced Hypnotist Course

The Advanced Course is for thorough professionalism and is usually taken by people who want to go the extra mile and want to learn hypnosis not just for fun but to actually be able to carry out the activity properly. This course extends to seven separate modules where the last module is, once again, the Final Exam session.

The first session is simply going to be a review of the basic techniques that have been taught to the students in the basic course and thus, is just there to freshen up a rusty mind and get it running again. The second module gets things going by teaching people how to use the pendulum for the pre-hypnotic stage. The pendulum is quite commonly used in the industry in order to treat customers who are not aware of what their problems actually are. Moving on, the third module consists of suggestions that kick in after the hypnotic stage. These are suggestions, made to the client while they were hypnotized, in order to improve their lives. Module four delves into Metaphors and teaches students how to tell simple and small stories in order to alter a patient’s subconscious mind magically. Analogue marking is next and this one teaches people how to make clients obey what the hypnotist says whether they are hypnotized or not. This is a technique equally effective over the phone. Moving on, the next area of concentration will be Phobias and how to get rid of them. The course will cover the fear of needles, of flying of cockroaches, driving, dental procedures, public speaking and many more as well.

Programs list:

Basic Hypnotist Certification

Advanced Hypnotist Certification

NLP Practitioner Training Program

NLP Master Practitioner Training Program

NLP Trainer’s Training Program

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Hypnosis Certified (Hypnosis & NLP Certification Courses) official website.