Heartburn No More (by Jeff Martin)- Legit or Scam?

Heartburn No More (by Jeff Martin)- Legit or Scam?

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Heartburn is an annoyance of the esophagus that is triggered by acid inside one’s stomach. This can generate a scorchinguneasiness in the higher abdomen or under the breast bone.With the help of gravity, a muscular valve named the lesser esophageal sphincter (aka LES) keeps the acid produced by the stomach in the stomach. The LES is positioned where the esophagus encounters the stomach — underneath the rib cage and somewhat left of the epicenter. Usually it unwraps to let food into the stomach or to allow burping; then it wraps up again. However, if the LES unwraps too frequently or does not wrap upsnugly, stomach acid can reflux, or ooze, into the esophagus and this can result in the sweltering feeling.

Seeing how nearly twenty percent of Americans suffer from heartburn every day, Jeff Martin decided to pen down Heartburn No More; a guide to eliminate heartburn within two days and to perhaps get rid of acid reflux. Martin feels that many doctors tend to hide the real issue and he has decided to unmask the root causes of heartburn by offering up solutions to the problem in his guide.

The one thing unique about this guide is that it is completely natural and holistic and it does not ask the sufferers to consume drugs or other harmful medications like OTC that is normally used to get rid of acid reflux and gastrointestinal issues. Conversely, the guide is not a list of ancient and outdated methods used by the ancestor – it is fully modern and scientifically proven to work.

How is it Different?

So, what is different in the Heartburn No More guide? Simply put, the guide has heavily focused on the many ways to cure gastrointestinal issues which are commonly believed to be the root cause of heartburn (or GERD). Other books and guides will normally focus on small-term ways to get rid of the problem for one or two days. This guide will mention why all other books fail so badly while this guide has been so successful with customers and critics alike. The book is comprehensive, easy-to-understand and goes deep into the root causes behind the disorder.


Now, the customers may want to know why they should spend their money on the guide. The answer is very simple; this guide takes one through a scientifically proven method to cure GERD. However, people who are looking for a quick solution to all their gastrointestinal issues will be disappointed as this book has specifically been written for people who are willing to work hard to achieve natural balance in their life. Gastro issues like IBS, Candida Albicans overgrowth and bloating are all easily cured with this 150 page guide. The guide provides detailed reasons behind the failure of current therapies and why this particular book will be successful.

Why will it Work?

The greatest reason behind the book’s success has been the writer of the guide. Jeff Martin boasts of having over twenty years of experience in research, practice and nutrition in this and related fields. Jeff Martins frequently suffer from GERD himself and tried all available methods to combat the problem but nothing helped. So, eventually, he came up with his own method (which he has published in his book) after ten years of research in the field.

Today, Heartburn No More has a whopping 95% success rate and is another shining jewel in Martins’ holistic background. All the trials and studies he conducted have culminated into this book.

Matins is, however, very honest in stating that the first few pages will only temporarily cure the disease and in order to get rid of it completely people will have to invest time, effort and money. A few tips he gives to his readers; avoid spicy and greasy food, chew licorice and to ask the doctor for a pH test to determine if gastrointestinal issues are prevalent.

Does it Work?

Mike Hastings (from All Voices review) suffered from GERD and IBS but nothing could cure him until he found Heartburn No More for only $40. The whole package contained a Handbook of Nature’s Cures, a how-to guide for beingone’s own doctor, three months of free counseling with the author and a few other helpful items.

Hasting slowly started to recover once he adjusted his diet to meet the guidelines in the book. He increased his alkaline intake and slowly took supplement, antibiotics and solid meals throughout the day. While his ailments have not been completely rectified, they have gone done to near non-existence. Hastings can now easily ignore the pain.

Like Hastings, there have been many other customers who have given a positive feedback to the book.


The package comes with a two month money back guarantee where people can return the book if they feel that the guide has not completely satisfied them. However, as Hastings said, it will be hard to find a better guide anywhere.


Heartburn No More comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.