Frontline Plus Reviews for Dogs and Cats: 6 Things You Should Know about This Popular Flea and Tick Medicine

You don’t need to worry if Frontline works or not. As one of the most popular and the sought after flea treatment drugs, Frontline Plus is the most effective and trusted drug and is being distributed world-widely by Merial in US, UK, AU .etc. Being such as popular product, frontline plus drugs have knock-offs and fake ones. So it’s important to know how to judge it as a counterfeit or a real one!

Frontline Plus Reviews for Dogs and Cats

Following are a few things you should know

1. Check the expiry date or the lot number on the package and on the carton/applicator tubes. The numbers should be the same. If they are different, then it’s 100% that you have been cheated.
Note: If you can’t find the expiry date on the package, it does not mean it’s fake. In fact in US it’s OK to not mention the expiry number on the pack!

2. You should see the instruction leaflet within the package. And within the leaflet you should see the following information: contact information, emergency phone number, first aid instructions, safety measures and directions of use.

3. You can find the applicator tube for the pesticide that is child resistant and can not be easily opened by pets or kids.

4. All the materials are printed in English without any stickers on them.

5. The quickest way to find out the original ones from the counterfeit is to call the Merial branch directly. You can find the number printed on the package. If the number is wrong, then what you bought is a counterfeit for sure.

6. Do not judge from the appearance. Produced in France then transported to different Merial branches, the look of Frontline Plus packages varies accoridng to the individual countries’ regulations. Although the look varies, the content remains the same so do not judge from the appearance.

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