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The Skin Tone Correcting System Advantage

Tired of dealing with uneven, dry and dull skin tone? Want the healthy, glowing and even skin tone?  It’s now quite possible with the breakthrough product of Dermagist, the Skin Tone Correcting System which will help you get rid of  Dull, discolored skin. You will not look so dry and look older than their real age any more! This product can acturally correct the skin tone in a two step process that results to whiter, young-looking skin.

Get rid of dark spots and dead skin cells with this amazing product. Get to know the many advantages that it brings your skin as you read on.


Why Dermagist Skin Tone Correcting System has the 100% proven effects and safty?

Dermagist Skin Tone Correcting System is 100% natural product, free of any chemicals that easily to cause irritation for uneven skin. No perfumes to make it more pretty. The better thing is besides it’s cleasing and brightening system (just read below), it also contains age-defying peptides that are scientifically proved to help you get rid of the wrinkles and lines.


What can Dermagist Skin Tone Correcting System do for you?

While other skin toners uses harmful chemicals in order to correct your skin tone, the Skin Tone Correcting System uses the most natural ingredients. No bleaching is involved in correcting the skin color. As you know, bleaching may involve the use of ingredients that may prove harmful to the skin. Instead, the two step process works hand-in-hand in order to achieve the result of even, bright and younger looking skin with its 100% natural ingredients.

All In-One Kit

Unlike the traditional skin tone correcting system that has just single effect such as cleaning, writening or brightening effect, this product is a all in one systematic system that cure your uneven skin tone in a scientifically proven comprehensive way!

If your goal is to have a youthful skin that glows, then you need to get rid of certain skin problems like dead skin cells, dull, dry skin, dark spots and blotches. This two part kit will definitely deliver the results you have been wanting to see in your skin. It’ll certainly make the skin cleaner and glow brighter.

      Step 1. Cleans Up The Skin

Unlike the traditional cleansing product that can just clean the normal skin, the cleansing step targeted to the problem skin with uneven tone.

The step one of the two part process would involve cleaning up the skin through the skin brightening accelerator. As you age, and without proper skin treatments, the skin may grow dull and dry and later on develop discoloration, even ugly blotches. To treat this, the skin brightening accelerator, a light gel-like cleanser will start working and usher the process of correcting the skin tone. Using two types of exfoliators, it rids the skin of layers of dull and dead skin cells which are the primary reasons for uneven skin tone and skin discoloration. Clean skin means greater absorption of nutrients. This step one also prepares the skin to be permeated with nutrients leading us to the next step.

    Step 2. Brightens the Skin

Step two involves the use of the Skin Brightening Agent. After step one, your skin has been prepared to receive all the nutrients it can accommodate. Here is where the skin brightening agent is applied to the skin. Since the skin’s already clean, the skin is able to absorb it without any hindrance coming from dead skin cells. The skin accelerator and skin brightening agent is able to work together fast resulting to an even toned and brighter skin.

    There’re more! Age-Defying Ingredients!

The Skin Tone Correcting System does not only deliver bright and cleansed skin. It also includes ingredients which defy ageing referred to as peptides. The peptides gradually lessen the appearance of lines and ugly wrinkles adding to that overall youthful look. That’s the advantage that one gets in using this amazing product!
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Dermagist Skin Tone Correcting System

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