Complete Guide to Understanding Acne

If you think that having acne is bad, think again. There are more depressing facts about acne.

The Stats

Of the 85 percent of teens and 20 percent of adults who have active acne, 25 percent will develop permanent scars. These translate to 60 million Americans who have acne and about 18 million who have experienced scarring. Only 11 out of the 25 percent will actually get the help they need to finally get rid of acne scars. Before revealing their secret, let’s learn more about the skin problem.

The Cause/s

Acne is one of the greatest ironies of the human body. The process of acne formation is actually just the body’s way of protecting itself gone awry. Acne starts with dirt and dust being trapped in skin pores and follicles because of active oil production. Bacteria that inhabit your skin act on the dirt and dust and multiply. Because of your skin wanting to get rid of the bacteria, it increases blood flow and antibodies in the area, thus, causing inflammation. The scarring is the attempt of your body to heal itself.

Others factors which may contribute to acne formation and worsening are as follows: Androgen hormones, which increase during puberty, cause heightened sebum production and enlarge follicle size. Aside from increase of hormones during puberty, pregnant and menstruating women also experience heightened hormone production. Many people outside puberty, pregnancy, and menstruation also have frequent acne outbreaks because of the predisposition of their genes toward increased sebum production.

Other lifestyle factors that decrease the body’s resistance, thus increasing the development of acne are an imbalanced diet, improper hygiene and use of the wrong acne treatment modalities, as well as constant exposure to stressful situations.

The Types

Variations in the attempt of the body to deal with foreign invaders result in the various acne types, as follows: Open comedone commonly known as blackheads are caused by keratin and sebum being trapped in the sebaceous glands. The keratin and sebum are then oxidized thus the darkened appearance. In some cases, the melanine content of bumps gives it the yellowish brown color. Whiteheads, on the other hand, are not open to the outside. Without oxygen, they are not oxidized and remain white. Because of this, they are also called closed comedones.

When the inflammation is located deep within the skin, it looks like a solid elevation on the outside. This type of acne is called papule and can sometimes become crusty and scaly. With severe infection and inflammation, the acne becomes nodular and is called cystic acne.

The Cure

Now for the big reveal. As disclosed in acne treatment reviews, the four out of ten people who have successfully got rid of their acne problem actually turned to oils for the solution to their persistent problem. Oils contain natural ingredients that not only serve as acne treatment but scar treatment as well. The natural oils contain vitamins and other ingredients that rejuvenate your skin. By making your skin healthier, it is able to effectively fight bacteria and heal itself.