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Children Learning Reading Program Review (by Jim Yang)

Jim Yang and his wife Elena have initiated a child learning program that comprises of a book named Children Learning Reading. The target audience of this book is 2 to 3 years old toddlers. The principal on which this book works are phonics and phonemic awareness instructions. The program is so effective that even the creator of this book successfully used it to teach his three children to read before they even turned 3.

Phonemic awareness is the primary thing when it comes to teaching young children how to read since it deals with making out words after hearing some sounds. Children hear a sound followed by a relevant action, they as a result learn about making that sound in order to get that work done. This method has been proved and it is evident that the toddlers who learned reading this way were more fluent and quick learners.


There are two stages in this book named as stage 1 and stage 2. These are further broken down into 50 chapters. These chapters are small but are very concise. The book guides parents that they should start using this book for their children when they are at the age of 2.5 years. It would take about half a year for their child to be able to actually speak and even read. Some children however are bit more talkative from an even earlier age, with that said they are able to speak a few words at the age of as little as 1 year. In that case, parents can start earlier with the program.

One of the best things about this program is that it does not involve the child sitting in front of a television screen or computer. Instead it is paper / book based learning program that helps parents to spend quality time with their toddlers by giving a step by step read to the children.

Naturally, some children are of a slow nature when it comes to speaking and do not start to even utter words when they are as much as 4 or 5 years in age. The book is designed for children of age as much as 7 years in case parents find that their child has verbal issues. Parents however need to give personal attention to their children while the program is in the process because they cannot expect this program to keep their children occupied and sitting while they go about doing their daily chores.


– The introduction includes the benefits of early reading and their effect on the toddler’s academic career.

– The program is very easy to follow and steps involved are very conveniently understandable.

– The program comes along with audio clips that are meant for correcting the punctuation of words that are otherwise spelled or spoken all wrong.

– Results demonstrate that the book is very effective and really does bring children to read.

– The program might not have won a prize or may not be that big a brand, but, it is way more affordable than the rest. It costs lesser than $50 for this entire program.


– This is something that only the child’s parent can do because no system can help the child with it. The parents are the only ones that child can trust at that age, so, they are the ones who have to spend hours daily.

– In the second stage of this book, some words are not as clear and do not come out well when uttered even by an adult, let alone a toddler.

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