Blendtec’s Bluetooth-Connected Cooking System can Connect Kitchen with Your iPhone/iPad

Blendtec, designer of the world’s most advanced blenders, showed its dedication to pushing household kitchen technology boundaries recently by revealing plans to launch an industry-first Bluetooth-connected cooking system that will significantly advance the idea of the linked household kitchen. Blendtec Connect will certainly go beyond today’s primary technology-enabled kitchen area gizmos by linking a free dish app with several counter top devices to simplify and accelerate home recipe assembly.

Here are several features:

The system will certainly incorporate a Blendtec mixer, mixer, food scale and dish app connected by Bluetooth innovation to simplify recipe personalization, assembly and clean-up as well as produce goof-proof outcomes for even the most tough dishes.

The connected components will: .
1. Allow for hundreds of recipes to be put together in a single mixer container or mixing bowl;

2. Automatically sense ingredient amounts without the need for determining spoons or cups;

3. Eliminate the requirement for determining tools, extra prep bowls and other mess and unclean meals; .

4. Customize recipes based on servings needed or active ingredients on hand; and . Send recipe-specific directions such as custom mix or blend cycles to each appliance.

5. The app itself will provide detailed guidelines for assembling items ranging from breads and pastries to soups, salsas, dressings and meals, all developed to use the power of the devices to quickly produce professional-quality fare. .

“The majority of the linked household kitchen products released to this day have actually been gadgets like smart coffee machines and smart refrigerators that change settings in response to SMS messages. These products are linked to the Internet however they don’t have any effect on consumer productivity or cooking abilities,” said Blendtec creator Tom Dickson.” Our vision with Blendtec Connect is to combine online connection with our sophisticated home appliance engineering to make cooking simpler, quicker and smarter than ever before.” . The Blendtec connected system is the current in a series of Blendtec developments that have┬áincluded the very first blenders with pre-programmed blend cycles, the very first 100 %- touchscreen-operated blenders, and patented blender blades and jars providing safer, faster and easier-to-clean machines.

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