Blendtec Designer Series Review

Since Blendtec announced the Designer Series blenders in 2013 — the most sophisticated customer blender offered, it gained a lot of success ever since.”The Designer Series is by far the greatest thing to strike the high-end blender market over the last few years,” stated Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder. “It’s the most sophisticated, sophisticated mixer in any environment, and we think it’s likewise the most gorgeous.”

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.A variety of new features

1. Trendy brand-new colors and surfaces for the Designer Series.

2. Brushed stainless.

3. High tech copper.

4. Painted metallic champagne .

5. Molded in red, cream and black

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The Blender offers consumers the finest of both worlds: the greatest, most flexible blender on the marketplace that can also be made use of in environments where visual appeals is an important consideration.

Other features:

1. Brightened capacitive touch controls .

2. Touch slider for fine-tuned manual speed control

3. Quiet

4. The Designer Series blender consists of the current air flow and motor cooling innovations, and offers a host of other advances never ever before seen in the consumer mixing marketplace.

5. A brightened control surface area with capacitive touch interface brings customer mixers into the twenty-first century. The control board likewise includes a manual slider for accurate speed adjustments.

6. Value for home kitchen areas

7. Effective, industry-leading 1,560-watt blending . Easy, instinctive touch controls . Classic, forward-looking design . Offered in multiple colors/textures

“Folks have totally welcomed the touchscreen revolution, so it’s only natural that they are embracing that very same technology in the kitchen area. We’re thrilled to be among the first to deliver it,” he says. “Both cooking veterans and mixing amateurs can now mix with the most effective and advanced technology that’s ever been provided. And it doesn’t hurt that the Designer Series is visually incredible.”


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