Bikini Body Workouts Review (Jen Ferruggia): 8 Things You Should Know!

Here is my honest review of Jen Ferruggia’s “Bikini Body Workouts”. I write this review because the “Bikini Workout” helped me shed 36 pounds and 7 sizes in 4 months! In fact with the program, Jen Ferruggia successfully lost 50 pounds in just 6 months and finally got her bikini body! If you have less than 50 pounds of fat on your body, the e-book will help you achieve the bikini body much faster than the author!

Bikini Body Workouts Revew (Jen Ferruggia): 8 Things You Should Know!

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Here are several things you should know about this program:

1. About the author (Jen Ferruggia). Jen Ferruggia played softball in her college and got a bachelor’s degree in Exercise movement science. Now she is a bodybuilding consultant and a personal trainer.

2. The Bikini Body Workout is very flexible. You can do it anywhere you feel comfortable with! You can also choose the workout routine that you are most interested in. Most of the sessions are short and fun, and yet so effective and intense!

3. It contains a booty blast workout that will help you build a firm and perky butt in short time!

4. The program effectively defined your muscle and burn off fat in a fast manner. With the program you will get less fat and more muscle thus achieving a hot bikini body in a few months!

5. The Bikini Body Workouts is the only one fitness ebook that you don’t have to buy any expensive home gyms or squipments! What you need are:
(1) a chair
(2) A bench
(3) A resistance band
(4) Dumbbells

6. The program is very well designed. It’s easy to follow and you can work these workouts workout feeling overwhelmed.

7. You will do workouts 45 minutes or less for each individual workouts and do 4 to 7 days a week. In sum it’s just 3 hours each week!

8. The main parts of this programs are:
(1) 4 Bikini body workout guides
Bikini body exercises
Video demonstrations that will show you how you should do to get the maximum results.
(2) nutrition guides and list of the approved nutritional supplements
(3) The list of the approved nutritional supplements, the bikini body grocery list
(4) A “booty blast” program as a free bonus!

The verdict

After trying so many fitness programs I should admit that this one is by far the BEST workout program! You can try it yourself! As it comes with 60 days money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Now the price is just $29. Get it before the price goes up soon!

bikinibodyworkouts review bikini body workouts pdf

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