Avosil is a scar tissue ointment manufactured by the Chicago-based Avocet Polymer Technologies. It contains a safe, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) derivative. Avosil improves the comfort and appearance of scars resulting from surgery, radiation, injury or burns. In addition, Avosil is a highly effective moisturizer with antioxidant properties. Avosil is not a plant extract and all of its ingredients are known not unlike other products available in the market today. The ingredients were carefully chosen, tested, extensively referenced in scientific and medical literature and its safety is well-established.

Avosil is a liquid hydrophilic wax developed in collaboration with physicians and biochemists at leading medical centers in the US. Avosil uses effective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents including salicylate to reduce inflammation without the limiting side effects of steroids. It is specifically formulated to prevent the overhydration of the epidermis and to facilitate the maintenance of epidermal barrier function.

This product is best used after surgery or trauma. It should be used on closed wounds and must be applied to the wounded tissue for 6-8 weeks at least once or twice daily. The reduction in signs of inflammation and in pain around the incision is readily noted soon after application. It does not produce hypopigmentation or fat atrophy and is especially effective for burn victims and those who underwent surgical procedures.


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