How to Apply Oil Skin Makeup with the Best Acne Foundation and Concealer for Teens (video)

Do you know the oil skin makeup routine for teens! How to find with the best acne foundation and concealer for teens? Cassie’s this oil skin makeup video really achieved excellent results to make her skin flawless. Here are the basic steps to apply oil skin makeup. Steps how to apply oil skin makeup are as following,

How to Apply Oil Skin Makeup with the Best Acne Foundation and Concealer for Teens (video)

– Take smashbox antishine, it stops your face getting oily

Apply a litle bit around T zone, not going to take that much and nose

– Take a primer

Cassie uses Hourglass primer, it has sun protectionit’s like velvet, rub my face all day long

– Use foundation with lighter color

Cassie used to use Lorac Foundation but it’s a heavy foundation. Now she has been hooked on ‘The makeup for ever HD foundation’ which is her all time favorites. She uses numbers 125 and 120, you need to firstly use 120, then use 125 which is much darker.

How to apply foundation: Get 2 squits and spread all over your face, dot it on your face. You can also layer your foundation, mix it with max’s fix plus spray from Mac cosmetics, it will dry quicker just put on more layers.

Then you take 125 which is slightly darker, on the outer areas on her face and down the neck.

– Apply concealer

Use Max studio finish concealer in color NC 30, dotted on the problem areaas

– Then take two different powders set the foundation, start off with brush number 134 and go with 2 different colors

Apply Max NC 5, rub it like this in a circula motion and pat the lighter color pat it over face and then apply Smashbox halo. Apply another poweder from makeup for ever: HD micro finish powderlight and fluffy in everyway setting powder, smell fresh.

– Apply Max fix plus spray to set the makeup