About Me

I have been doing pharmacology researches in an Institute for 5 years and got my doctor’s degree on Pharmacology 2 years ago. Then I worked as the project manager of clinical research in a big company. After 2 years of working, I realized there’re too many scam health products on this market and many customers spent so much money on those products with so many side effects. That’s why I quit my job and concentrated on the best skin care products I have known.

BrookeReviews.com is a consumer review site dedicated to researching and reviewing Acne & Acne Scar treatments.  It is our goal to compile acne treatment reviews on all of the different acne treatment and scar treatment products available in the market. The mission is to provide information that will help our readers decide on the  best skin care products.

My site is always open to different opinions. Although I have done much efforts in choosing the real qualified products and listed on my site, you can see there’re both positive and negative comments on my site, I would approve them all.

Brooke Reviews was established to bring together the most qualified and fearless opinions from REAL PEOPLE that know about acne. We appreciate your input and your opinions (Good or Bad) we use all of your opinions to create reviews on the best acne scar treatment products available today.

I received tens to hundreds of feedbacks each day. From their experience and from doing a lot of researches and from the customers’ feedbacks. I recommend the following acne treatments and anti-aging products that you will be 95% satisfied with the results.

Word of Caution

A word of caution to all Skin Care researchers. Not all “Review Sites” are created equal.  Many of these sites are actually ran and or sponsored by the manufacturer. With these types you may be fooled into choosing the wrong skin care product.

Skin Care and Acne treatment is tough.

Depending on who or where you turn to for advice you get a different story.

You may hear things like, “It’s your diet that makes you have acne” or “You’re too stressed out, that is why you have acne” or maybe “its genetics there is nothing you can do about it”

Usually there is some truth in all of the acne and skin care advice. And sometimes it is a combination of many factors.  And you need to try many things before finding “your” solution.

This is why we created brookereviews.com. We bring you an Un-Biased and UN sponsored approach to skin care advice.

We will explore skin care Remedies, causes, solutions, Rumors and more.

We encourage you as our valued reader to comment and share what you read If you don’t agree with something by all means let us know. If you have tried something that we mention PLEASE share it. If you have additional ideas or tips share those too.

If you have interesting in partnering with us, or writing for us please contact us.