A & P Electronic Media Review (Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann)

Read my honest A & P Electronic Media Review. (Authors: Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann) Wireless giant have the Pacific dash conventional radio technology based on transfers electromagnetic waves propagated in the air was always a diversion now. After 100 years of suppression, you can find out how the original
longitudinal electrostatic wireless communication system really worked, using the historic backdrop the Marconi transoceanic station, a California engineer Eric Dollard tells the uncensored details a how the technology actually work, and the methods and denial and sabotage used against him in his efforts to protect and document the site. while reconstructing the technologies used there four quadrant representation of electricity dash this is Eric dollars most important work.

ap media veliko mikovic review

A & P Electronic Media Review (Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann)

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For the first time ever, you will see how easy is really a rotating electromagnetic field around the power wires just like a drive shaft in this rotating field, is what actually turned to motor that it is connected to perpetual motion reality dash. The natural world is in perpetual motion discover the true history Apollo inventors have been attaching their machines to the we’ll work up nature for over 400 years, the truth will astound you and open your eyes to a world with unlimited amounts of clean, low-cost energy, magnet secrets dash well, awesome information super valuable, surprised this stuff is now banned.

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  • Government departments and companies as treasury
  • Us Air Force
  • Panasonic
  • Walt Disney World
  • hilton hotels
    …..too many to list

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