8 Hairfinity Side Effects

Beware of Hairfinity! Must read this review of “Hairfinity Side Effects”! I wanted to improve my hair quality, as I faced many hair problems, such as split ends and more. So as I searched for solutions to my woes, I discovered Hairfinity, and decided to try it out after being convinced by the testimonies from satisfied customers on their website and Social Media Accounts. Don’t believe me? Check out the #Hairfinity Hashtag on Instragram, where many thousands of happy clients are posting pictures of their hair revitalized with the help of Hairfinity.

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Hairfinity Side Effects

I started consuming the pills they provided me a week ago, and have not yet stuck to a schedule for taking the pills. Meaning that I missed a few days, and even then I experienced heart problems, breathing problems, etc. I was horrified and wondered what would have happened if I was regular in taking these pills It could have been much worse. I found it odd that such a reputed Medicine had such adverse side effects, and a quick Google told me that I was not alone, and many were experiencing these problems:Hairfinity side effects

Side effects:

1. Very Severe Headaches are caused by Hairfinity initially, with me not even able to keep my eyes open due to the severity of the headaches caused by Hairfinity. But I have to say, these headaches happened only once, on my second day and haven’t occurred again since.
2. While I could see a noticeable difference in the texture of my hair after sometime, I also experienced a high rate of hairfall and very intense itching
3. I was promised improved Hair Growth and I didn’t see a noticeable difference there
4. For what it does, it is extremely expensive, and in fact, you can grab some Biotin for a much cheaper price, and it works better
5. Hairfinity is just a repackaged Woman’s One A Day Multi-Vitamin. It is no special proprietary formula, with the exact same ingredients as the latter
6. Hairfinity has actually deteriorated the health of my hair, so it did the opposite of what it promised
7. In addition to the side-effects, it also contains Phenylalanine, which in turn is made up of 50% aspartame. When consumed over a specific amount, cellular damage can occur
8. Usually, when someone is looking to check hair growth scientifically, he/she cuts off a small section of hair till the scalp, from where the hair can grow normally without outside intereferences. But Hairfinity uses a method that is more prone to errors, and in fact has many error points making it inaccurate and unreliable
Among them, Biotin’s side effects acted a large part.

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Dr Richard Scher, a reputed dermatologist agrees that the role of Biotin is unclear currently, however in many studies, the vitamin has been shown to affect the growth and health of hair, skin and nails.
In his words: “Biotin deficiency is rare and low levels may result in brittle nails and hair loss,”. He continued: “However, hair loss and brittle nails may have multiple causes and taking biotin supplements may actually halt this process and even help to reverse it.”
Many have suggested that around 2.5mg of Biotin per day is the recommended amount, and while there isn’t a precise accurate amount for you to use Biotin to its full potential, 2.5mg is well within the ballpark, and overdose can cause addiitional problems, such as delayed insulin release, skin rashes, lower vitamin C and B6 levels and high blood sugar levels.
In addition to its side effects, more alarming facts have been discovered.

1. The ingredients

A quick look at the ingredients label tells us that it has a lot of Vitamin B, making it a lot more than the recommended intake. While Vitamin B does improve cell growth, which in turn results in hair growth, the effects of Vitamin B overgrowth isn’t yet known. There is one way, however: You’ll be able to observe excess Vitamin B in urine, since it is water soluble.

2. Analysis of the study

The study conducted didn’t take place in optimal conditions, which is why its results are inaccurate and the study is inconclusive.

The main reasons are listed below:

a. Firstly, there are a lot of gaps in the data

For instance, according to the rules of the Study, samples were to be taken after 15 days, but the logs show another story: Samples were taken only once in 30 days

b. The study lacks some information

c. There aren’t enough participants to eliminate bias mathematically

d. The technique used in the Study itself may not be accurate

If those who conducted the Study took some proper precautions, some accurate results and a conclusive Study could be obtained. But since the Study was designed to be easy to understand rather than to be accurate, we observed several lapses.

I am open to observing additional data if any such data exists, and verify their claims once and for all.


Submitted by Kathy R. Moore on Feb 15th, 2015

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