7 Tips To Stopping Acne Before It Starts.

Stop Acne1. Wash your face twice a day or more. Especially if you are in your teens or if you sweat a lot during the day. Too much oil can cause the pores on your face to accumulate acne inducing bacteria. Washing your face reduces the excess oil, but also kills the bacteria that can cause acne. It is best to use some type of salycic acid to wash your face with. 2% Strength will work fine.

2. Pay attention to the weather. If it is hot out, and especially if it is humid out, the extra heat will cause you to sweat. The sweat will increase oils and bacteria that your body expels. Make sure to Shower or wash your face as soon as possible after sweating excessively. Also with Bright sun you may choose to wear a sun screen, normal sunscreens can cause your pores to become clogged, which will increase your acne. We recommend you find a non oily / Natural sunscreen as to not worsen your acne.

3. Watch what you eat. Although every ones skin reacts to different types of foods differently, food or the wrong types of food have shown to cause or worsen acne. Since there is no list of DO or DO NOT eat foods, it is best to monitor what you eat and observe how your face reacts to this food. DO you breakout when you eat Pizza? Stay away from Pizza. Do you break out when you drink too much coffee? Drink less coffee. This should be a constant study of your own body, and only time will tell what foods your skin reacts negatively to.

4. Chill Out. Stress has been shown to be one of the leading contributors to Acne in adults. The reason for this is that Stress causes your body to release “Stress Hormones” which in turn throws off your bodies equilibrium. This can cause all sorts of changes in your body, including weight loss or gain, increased blood pressure and worsened acne. If acne prevention is important to you, you should concentrate on methods to stay as stress free as possible.

5. See a Dermatologist. So many people think that seeing a Dermatologist is only for people with extreme cases of Acne. This is simply not true. Another common idea is that Dermatologists will break the bank, this is also false. Many reasonable Dermatologists charge from $35-$60.00 per visit, and can be very helpful. If you think you are going to be prone to acne at all why not see a Dermatologist early on.

6. Lead a Healthy LifeStyle. Many times Acne is a Direct result of how you are treating your body. If you eat Right, Excercise,get enough sleep and strive to be stress free most likely your acne will improve.

7. Do not despair. It may take some time or it may even take years. But the right solutions are out there. Just do not give up. Everyone is different and everyones skin is different, if you keep studying and researching your own body you will beat Acne!

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