ZENMED® Refining Scrub Review – My Own Experience

ZENMED® Refining Scrub Review – My Own Experience

The exfoliator is terrific! I love the scent of it. The scrub exfoliates in a gentle way. I have sensitive skin and I use this exfoliator without any problem.

When applying it on to my skin, I can feel the jojoba beads under my fingers. It helps me get rid of dead cells quickly. My skin feels refreshing and it unclogs the pores completely.


I did some research of its ingredients, and I found out the reason why its exfoliating effect is so good. It is because the ZENMED® Refining Scrub uses jojoba beads to exfoliate dead cells mechanically, and it contains glycolic acid, lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids that effectively slough away the dead cells chemically. The combination of both the mechanical and the chemical exfoliating ways make it work perfectly.

Unlike the other exfoliators, my skin feels hydrated after using the scrub because it contains aloe vera gel and glucerin, which keep skin hydrated.

It doesn’t cause irritation to my skin, no scratches, no sensitive, no irritating. This is because the scrub is infused with Allantoin which is a clinically proven skin protectant and that’s why it has soothing and anti-irritant effect.
After using it for 3 weeks, my skin becomes very smooth and it brightens the dark circle – this is just 3 weeks.
And my skin feels more form and the texture also improved quite a lot after about 50 days. It tightens my skin and even my fine lines reduced.
The best part is: it controlls the oil over my T-zone I can’t explain why but it works.

So I’m 100% satisfied with the scrub and will continue to use it even it’s pretty expensive. I will keep using it because I know it is worthy of every penny.

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