Vitiligo Miracle Review (David Paltrow) – Is it Legitimate or a Scam?

Vitiligo Miracle Review (David Paltrow) – Is it Legitimate or a Scam?

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Vitiligo Miracle Review (David Paltrow)

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993, the King of Pop Michael Jackson revealed that he suffered from a disease called Vitiligo. This as the time when the disease hit mainstream media and people started taking this disability seriously.

Vitiligo can be defined as a dermatological disability that causes uneven skin tone over one’s body. There can be many different reasons due to which the disease may occur. It is an incessant and continuing skin problem that results in white depigmentation spots that grow and increase only in specificparts of the skin. These white blotchesform since the sufferer has very minute or no skin cells – named melanocytes – that are the cells that are supposed to produceskin pigmentation, aka melanin, which makes up the hue of the skin and defends it from the sun´s UV emissions.It is not possible to foresee how much of the skin can be damaged. Mostly, the effects are lifetime and one can never permanently get rid of it.

Hence, vitiligo can be extremely embarrassing and is known to be a major cause of depression in people who suffer from the disability. People start feeling insecure about themselves and this can adversely affect their social lives. Vitiligo is more obvious on darker skin tones and while the disability is treatable, many medical treatments and cures for the disability have just not worked for a number of people. Moreover, the disability can get worse with time unless it is treated on time.

About the Product

Vitiligo Miracle is a guidebook for people suffering from the disease and it works towards eventually curing the disease permanently. Written by David Paltrow, the book is the culmination of all the years of experience he has gained as a certified nutritionist. He promises that, if the book does not fully eliminate the disease, an even skin tone can be gained within the first seven days of its use. Spreading and reappearance can easily be stopped and scar marks are removed from the face, wrists, hands, shoulders, feet and anywhere else the disease may be prevalent.

The program is actually focused on mental and psychological treatment. The program is fully holistic and focuses on natural remedies as the ultimate treatment for the disease. It is a total departure from normal ways of treatment. The program is fully holistic and natural and is as much of a mental process as it is physical.

According to the expert, the book is a five step process that focuses on providing a secret combination of herbs that will be key players in a detoxification period that the book heavily recommends. A nourishing diet is animportant constituent and vital to its accomplishment. Instructions on beingone’s own doctor, a guideline to relaxation, the curative influence of water, and nature’s therapies are all in it. The fundamentals of yoga and contemplation and the benediction of sound sleep complete the package.

There are a number of bonuses; a sixty day money back guarantee, free consultation and a free video that explains the program in detail along with many additional bonuses.


–        Customers have said that the program works

–        170 page long ebook that is downloadable.

–        Is scientifically proven to work

–        At $37, it is reasonably priced

–        There are bonuses and other add-ons worth many dollars that are given for free

–        Direct consultation with the author and allows regular updates

–        The cure is fully holistic and is completely safe with no negative side-effects reported

–        Puts an end to depression and anxiety caused by the skin disorder

–        Brings back hope

–        Fights hopelessness

–        Fully natural

–        One will no longer need to hide behind clothes and garments to hide the disfiguration as it diminishes.


–         Further treatments like prescription ointments or laser treatment may be more successful

–         Results are not yet conclusive even though must results have been overwhelmingly positive

–         Individual results may be different for each person

–         This is not a medical response to the disease but an individual effort to fight the disease and to try and stop its accumulation


David Paltrow has suffered from the disease himself and has come up with the book after extensive research so he has definitely put forth something good. Conversely, many people deny that Vitiligo has anything to do with the mind but since that aspect has been largely ignored, one may argue the case. Healthy protocols are used to treat the disease like relaxation and aroma therapy. However, Paltrow himself believes that people looking for a quick fix must search elsewhere. This book is only for those people who are willing to put in time and effort for the healing process which may take a little longer to achieve.

All in all, this is an innovative new approach to curing the disease and there have been reports of several success stories when it comes to Vitiligo Miracle. Also, Vitiligo Miracle comes with 60 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

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  1. My dermatologist adviced me to do toxic treatments but I didn’t like, so I am looking for natural cures and found Vitiligo Miracle. Anyone tried it? Can the remedies speed up the repigmentation process?

  2. Why can’t I find objective comments about this book. Seems like scam for me.

  3. Vitiligo Miracle is not scam, my mother had serious vitiligo for years and I looked up alot of remedies and found this book. She followed the remedies and her vitiligo was gone completely in about 40 days. You can see significant result after around a week. Worth to try it. The most important is you should know Vitiligo can be cured permanently!

    • Hey thanks! I just bought it and will try it later today.

  4. I would definitely recommend to try remedies in Vitiligo Miracle. I’m not the only one who benefited from this book.

  5. I have been suffering from this disease for about 15 years. Glad you have seen a difference 😀