Verseo ePen Review: My Own Experience (coupon, discount)

At first I was a bit skeptical about Verseo ePen that’s said to be able to provide you with electrolysis hair removal treatment at home. I mean if it’s true, then it could replace the expensive treatment that usually you can only get at a spa or dermatologist. But after I did a little research and read some reviews, I was convinced to try it.

Verseo ePen Review My Own Experience

I have to say that after a few weeks I don’t feel so skeptical anymore, this small device really done a great job! I already see some great results and what I love about it is that the Verseo ePen is really easy to use and very precise. I have no trouble at all using it for getting rid of unwanted hair in sensitive areas like in the armpit, face and around the bikini line.

To use the ePen simply just turn it on and select the mode, you can select the face or body mode. For larger areas it should be used with a patch, while for smaller areas that require precision it has a special tip that can be used with the device. It doesn’t cause pain or any discomfort whatsoever.

So far after more than three weeks I notice about 25% of the hair on my arms and legs have stopped growing and the rest are growing at a very very slow rate, every time I applied the Verseo ePen I notice more areas have stopped growing hair, it’s very promising.

The Verseo ePen works best when the hair is in its growth cycle, so it’s suggested that you shave, pluck or wax your unwanted hair before using it, which is exactly what I do. I highly recommend this smart device, it’s definitely a money saver and I believe that in the end I can achieve the same results as the expensive electrolysis treatment in a spa or dermatologist.

Submitted by Jacqueline L. M

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