Top 3 Most Common Genital Warts Mistaken

Top 3 Most Common Genital Warts Mistaken

Read the following top 3 genital warts mistaken most commonly seen. A single American out of four aged between 15 and 55 will get infected with at least a single sexually transmitted infection. The more knowledge you have about the disease, the more you can take preventive measures to avoid getting it. Discussed below are 3 incurable diseases.

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Close to two million individuals in the United States are infected yearly with genital warts, which are brought about by the human Papilloma virus (HPV). The spread of this infection can occur through oral intercourse, vaginal and anal sex. At childbirth, it can also be passed on to an infant. Below are popular mistakes people make, what they entail and their possible remedies:

Top 3 Most Common Genital Warts Treatment Mistaken

Genital Warts Mistaken for Pearly Penile Papules

These are normally white gland like spots that form in a loop around the head of the penis and can also form on the underneath of the head. They have a variance in length and density of formation. One should not worry about them since they are just harmless. Trying to remove them can be dangerous since it can cause bleeding which can worsen the problem already at hand. Keeping the penile area dry can reduce the size of penile papules because they thrive well in moist areas. However, this cannot get rid of them. This case is usually noticeable by the infected person and rarely can others get to see but if the condition is worse, some laser treatment can be carried out by a doctor.

Genital Warts Mistaken for Fordyce Spots

These are normally numerous minute bumps that develop around the shaft of the penis and camouflage with the skin resulting into small mole-like patches which are much more darker than the adjacent skin. In some cases, they can appear like goose bumps. They are quite harmless and can cause nothing serious but many people mistake them for genital warts. Guys have questioned me about the possibility of eliminating them and from my research I discovered that laser treatment is the only option for guys with extreme cases. Similar to penile papules, almost all Fordyce spots cases are only noticeable to the guy infected and not to anyone else.

Genital Warts Mistaken for Male Yeast Infection

It is quite difficult to believe that individuals can get yeast infections. A lady with the problem of recurring yeast infections is the most common channel through which it can be spread to you. With respect to this, she does not have to show any signs of the disease so as to infect you with it. Red pimple-like spots or red rashes can show up on and around the head of your penis three to four days after having sexual intercourse. In no medical attention is given to them, they can spread to other parts of the body and even get much worse than they were initially. The male yeast infection is normally generally of no harm to an individual but the itching caused by it can be unbearable and so bad that it can cause individuals to constantly scratch the infected area. If you want to eliminate yeast infection with the soonest time possible, some good amount of castor oil can be of great help and bring it to control. Some anti-yeast infection cream can also be of great help in taking care of the rest.