Top 11 Most Common Acne Treatment Mistakes

Top 11 Most Common Acne Treatment Mistakes

Everywhere‭ ‬one looks,‭ ‬they can see acne treatment advice for people of all ages.‭ ‬Though the information they see is mostly very helpful,‭ ‬people have no idea‭ ‬of the mistakes they are making‭ ‬– mistakes that‭ ‬worsen the acne situation that they are facing.‭ ‬The most astonishing acne treatment mistakes are stated below.‭ ‬Read through the top 11 most common acne treatment mistakes below and make sure that‭ ‬they are completely avoided.‭

1.‭ ‬Washing the skin over and over again.

To get rid of dead skin cells and harmful bacteria,‭ ‬it is important to wash‭ ‬the skin,‭ ‬but‭ ‬the skin gets dry if‭ ‬it is washed a number of times.‭ ‬This produces more oil‭ ‬and the situation worsens because another bout of acne may break out.‭ ‬In‭ ‬24‭ ‬hours,‭ ‬the skin must not be‭ ‬cleansed less than one time or any more than two times.‭ ‬Lukewarm water is best suited for washing the face,‭ ‬as hot water generates more oil and oil results in increased acne.‭

2.‭ ‬Extensive Use of Products.

Using immense amounts of products at once causes flaking,‭ ‬redness and irritation.‭ ‬The products may‭ ‬separately work,‭ ‬but using them at the same time can cause skin trauma.‭ ‬This may cause the lesions to expand in size,‭ ‬worsening the condition.‭

3.‭ ‬Not applying Moisturizer

A skin likely to get acne always needs to be wet but not with oil‭!‬ To avoid closing down of pores the moisturizer should not have any oil at all.‭ ‬Otherwise,‭ ‬the condition may worsen instead of improving.‭ ‬Hydrating gels are not oily and feel very non-existent on a skin that is likely to get acne.‭ ‬To avoid‭ ‬hyperpigmentation,‭ ‬it‭ ‬is suggested that the moisturizer has sunblock as a skin already under medication for acne is likely to get a disease due to the sun rays.

4.‭ ‬Tanning under the sun

Somehow,‭ ‬the misconception that tanning under the sun makes the skin healthier is now very common amongst people.‭ ‬The UV rays are so harmful to the skin that they nullify any advantages that people gain when they go for acne removal tanning beds.‭ ‬Skin spots tend to become even more visible if they are exposed to UV rays.

5.‭ ‬Irregularity in attending the treatment process

Barbara Reed,‭ ‬who is a professor of dermatology at‭ ‬University of Colorado Hospital,‭ ‬said that for acne to be fully removed a patient must wait for‭ ‬6‭ ‬weeks‭ ‬and attend consistent treatment‭ ‬– without skipping even a single session.‭ ‬Most people give up‭ ‬their treatment process long before it can show any positive results.‭ ‬The breakouts will carry on for a long time,‭ ‬even while the treatment is going on,‭ ‬as there is no cure for acne without this way.‭ ‬If‭ ‬people skip‭ ‬their daily medicines,‭ ‬they are just increasing the time of‭ ‬their recovery.‭ ‬If the treatment is carried on regularly without any breaks then the time of‭ ‬recovery will be lesser in comparison

6.‭ ‬No Usage of sunscreen

To avoid the pores to be‭ ‬blocked,‭ ‬it is better that people with acne use a sunscreen specifically made for a skin that is oily or acne prone.‭ ‬Such a sunscreen should be used regularly just so the‭ ‬skin‭ ‬does not seem more aged than usual and to avoid skin cancer and hyperpigmentation.‭ ‬Sunblock will help people‭’‬s skin against the harmful UV rays and their effects.‭

7.‭ ‬Quitting medicines too soon

Medicines don’t solve the problem of acne but it looks after‭ ‬the current situation,‭ ‬so it would be smart to continue the medicine till‭ ‬patients are advised to stop by‭ ‬their doctor.‭ ‬If‭ ‬they stop taking medicines because the acne is gone,‭ ‬they will be‭ ‬disappointed as it will come back in just a matter of‭ ‬weeks.‭ ‬For some people the medicine is to be continued in order to keep the acne away.‭ ‬The only medicine that shows results without continuous use is Accutane,‭ ‬but it is very strong and should be taken only with‭ ‬a‭ ‬doctor‭’‬s advice.

8.‭ ‬Touching the pimples.

Continuously touching the affected area spreads germs and in most cases worsens the acne.‭ ‬The people affected by acne usually feel annoyed and want to touch the affected areas.‭ ‬One should never‭ ‬do that.‭ ‬If one pops the pimples on ones face then the infected material goes further down into the skin that‭ ‬causes the break outs to happen for longer amount of time and‭ ‬they are more‭ ‬serious.‭ ‬The pimple that is burst open by popping has made the skin open to viruses.‭ ‬The skin‭ ‬affected by acne should only be‭ ‬impressed by‭ ‬a cleansing pad or a washcloth.

9.‭ ‬Refusing the help of a dermatologist

People tend to skip the help of a skin professional for a long time simply because they are embarrassed by their infection.‭ ‬Since dermatologists know their jobs well,‭ ‬they can easily figure out the causes of the skin problem and come up with a cure.‭ ‬Medicines can be given if direct treatment produces no results on the patient‭’‬s acne.‭ ‬Deep chemically tested peels and laser resurfacing is often used to treat extremely bad cases.‭ ‬A dermatologist understands that every skin type is different and he/she can come up with a separate plan for every type.

10.‭ ‬Going with incorrect products

The perfect product will be non-comedogenic‭ ‬– this‭ ‬means that it will not block the pores of the skin and make it impossible for acne treatment to work.‭ ‬Things like cocoa butter and acetylated lanolin are amongst products that block pores.‭ ‬Remember,‭ ‬just because a product says it can cure acne does not mean that it will work for every skin type.‭ ‬Testing the cure will help too.‭ ‬Users can apply the product on one particular area of the skin and see if it improves or if it causes a bad reaction.

11.‭ ‬Squeezing the pimples

Do not listen to those actors on TV who‭ ‬look all insecure and pop their pimples in order to get rid of them.‭ ‬This is not a proper cure plan and can even leave permanent marks on the skin and the germs from the pimples may move on to other areas of the skin.‭