Suspension Revolution Review (by Dan Long)- Legitimate or Scam?

Suspension Revolution Review (by Dan Long)- Legitimate or Scam?

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Suspension Revolution Review (by Dan Long)



When it comes to the health and fitness industry, the most important thing has always been workouts, exercises and diets. The fact that people have been so enthusiastic about this industry lately just goes to show the amount of interest it has been generating worldwide. Let’s face it, everyone wants to look good and everyone wants to have the perfect body shape that instantly grabs the attention of the opposite sex. The hourglass figure for females and the chiseled six-pack abs for males has become such a gigantic ideal that everyone wants to hire a personal trainer in order to obtain these ideals, however, the demand for them has been incredibly high and most of the people working as personal trainers are not good enough.

Dan Long is amongst the best personal trainers in the country and he works extra hard to make sure that all the people who want his services are satisfied. Based in Tamps Bay in Florida, Long has been trained professionally in CPT and CKMT. He works at the PowerHouse Gym there and solely because of his services, the gym has become famous all over the city. Thus, there are a number of pro athletes and professional sportsmen who have come to him and have hired him on for his services.

However, no matter how hard he tries, he simply cannot cater to everyone. Thus, he has designed the Suspension Revolution program to help people obtain the ideal body that they want to have. The program demonstrates about one hundred and ninety-one new exercises that have been particularly designed to make sure that the customer break through that stubborn feeling of laziness.

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–        First and foremost, the best thing about this program is that the exercises mentioned here are so varied that one can easily employ an exercise to get each part of their body in shape. It will not matter if the customer wants muscular biceps or strong thighs, chiseled abs or some other, fitter angle, they will be able to get it all here in this guide.

–        There are very few programs that will demonstrate a whopping one hundred and ninety-one different exercises to the customers. However, that is not all; there are an additional twenty-seven different kinds of exercises that can be easily used by any person looking to improve their physique.

–        The amazing add-ons are an additional amazing offer for people looking to get fitter and smarter than anyone. The first of many is the beginner suspension program that will last for four weeks. This is designed for the people who have never exercised before and are looking to change their lives for the better by losing a few pounds.

–        Then, there is the intermediate program that takes everything up a notch. It goes on for four weeks and the exercises are a bit harder than they were in the first level.

–        After that, the customers will move on to twelve weeks of intensive training and the exercises now will be the ones that are usually designed for pros. Long believes that the trainees will be ready for the extra push at this stage and thus, they can handle the harder exercises. There is also strap after burn finishers necessary for a great body.

–        Lastly, there is an additional video that described the ten exercises that are relatively unknown and are not being performed by most of the trainees out there since there trainers do not know much about them. These exercises are described in great detail.

–        Long keeps the trainees entertained throughout. He is never boring and never drawls on and on about things that are irrelevant and unnecessary.

–        It is incredibly cheap and considering the fact that all the advice comes straight from a very well-known and highly paid professional personal trainer, it is perhaps the deal of a lifetime.


–        There is no negative to quote here at all since everything about this program is absolutely magnificent. However, if one is forced to talk about a specific drawback, they can say that the CD can only be ordered online and is available in no retail shop. However, for most people this may be an advantage instead since many of them would not like to take the lengthy trip at all.

–        Another thing one must remember – nothing is served up on a silver platter as all the promises will only be fulfilled if the trainee works hard and puts in the extra, grueling effort.


It can easily be concluded that one may never find such an incredible program anywhere else. This is not just effective but is engaging and keeps the trainee’s attention focused at all times. Dan Long has correctly used all the years of practice well and the results are superb. There have been a number of testimonials claiming that the program has changed the lives of the customers. Not surprisingly, this review highly recommends Dan Long’s program.

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