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Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream is concentrated on treating stretch marks on the different parts of the body such as the breast and upper chest, thighs, stomach, buttocks, or the upper arms. This product is among those nourishing cream items that passed the standards and tests in research studies. Every component of this cream product was tested to a number of women and the outcomes were regarded positive.

Causes of appearance of stretch marks on the skin

Stretch marks appear on the skin because the skin has been stretched and torn like what happens during pregnancy or after losing significant amounts of weight. Glucocorticoids are hormones that are generated while a woman is pregnant, all through teenage years, and during significant weight gain or weight loss. Regardless that this occurrence may naturally come about and is inevitable, a stretch mark brings about an unattractive appearance on the skin. This makes some individuals mindful and very conscious whenever parts of the body with stretch marks are exposed. Having the stretch marks and unknowingly exposing them can negatively affect the way a person perceives herself and accepting these flaws on her body. Many times it happens that choices of clothes become limited.

Active ingredients of Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream

• Regestril is the leading ingredient of this nourishing cream that causes stretch marks to fade away. It works in breaking down the pallid scar tissue. There is no other ingredient that has been confirmed to work stronger. When majority of scar tissues have faded away, new skin cells develop and grow where the affected tissues were found. A study was made where pregnant women had stretch marks and used this product. After two months, the women noticed the differences on their skin and the way the marks were less visible. The skin looked much better.

• Darutoside makes skin more elastic and promotes tissue regeneration. It also promotes the formation of elastin and does not inhibit production of collagen but stimulates it to grow. The protein component of the cream’s ingredients makes the skin more resilient.

• Pro-Sveltyl which is sourced from the lotus flower was originally found as an anti-celllulite agent. It works in stimulating collagen and refurbishing skin damage to make the skin radiant and more even in tone. More recent researches reveal it works more effectively in vanishing stretch marks.

• Pro Coll One stimulates synthesis of collagen, smoothen micro relief on the surface of the skin, and diminishes crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles. To prove the effectiveness of this ingredient research studies were conducted. Outcomes of the studies indicate that the roughness of the skin of users significantly reduced and developed more improved skin texture.

On the whole, Skinception unlike its competing brands can also get rid of old stretch marks because it claims to use new regeneration method known as the most effective technique for eradicating stretch marks. By using this product, new skin tissues are formed because of increased levels of collagen and elastin. This promotes skin elasticity, prevention and eradication of stretch marks as well.



  1. I’ve been using this since about 12 weeks preggo. I use it off and on in the early stages of pregnancy, and then everyday at the end. I had lots of stretch marks just from puberty, so I’m prone. No stretch marks with my first child and using this product. Now with my 2nd child, so far I have 4 stretch marks (with 1 week left), and I know I’m having a pretty big second child. So the lotion is not perfect. I needed 2-3 bottles with each pregnancy. No, I never had an itchy belly – and I’m only putting on at night time. I feel it’s worth the price, and the side effects of having a moisturized non irritated belly skin was pretty nice. I’m really sensitive to some floral scents (insta-headache), and am very pleased with the ‘lack’ of or mild scent in this product.

  2. Worked great for me! I have only used it for a month and my stretch marks are much lighter and my skin is much smoother! Stretch marks have definitely faded and are less noticeable. The box says you will see see noticeable results in 8 to 12 weeks but I am noticing some difference now. I will write another review in another month!

  3. Before getting pregnant with my first daughter I was very tiny. I gained about 60 pounds when I was pregnant. And with weight gain comes stretch marks.. I had them quite badly on my thighs and butt. I’ve used for a little over a month and they are completely gone on my butt and almost gone on my thighs. I couldn’t believe the amazing results. The ones that are white have faded a large amount but the red ones are gone!! Amazing product and worth every penny for i

  4. Bought this for my daughter when going through puberty , her breast grew fast and she had awful red claw like stretch marks. we used this product for 2 wks and they were gone! Can you imagine being 13 and thinking your breast will look like a 40 year old womans who had kids. it literally saved my daughters life!

  5. I’ve had this product for a few months now and used it for my stretch marks. It did not work for me at all. The only thing it did was make my skin soft. I didn’t mine the peppermint smell but I spent $70 on it and i’m still left with stretch marks. I would not recommend this product.

  6. I was given a jar of the Lady Soma Skin Nail Treatment from my nutritionist. Well, that was a fit for me, I had a couple wrinkles I would love to see vanish, and after having a child, I was left with a few stretch marks.

    It says within 2 to 8 weeks you will see wrinkles and stretch marks less visible. I thought it was just for nails, but you can use it on your skin as well!

    This is what my nutricionist recommended:

    I applied the Lady Soma Skin Nail Treatment on my stretch marks, and a couple wrinkles I had. This went on for about 2 days. I do have to say that I have really noticed a difference in the 3 wrinkles I had on my forehead, they seem to fade more everyday.