Vitamix vs. Blendtec Blender: Which One is Better?

After changed 5 blenders in the past few years finally I find the answer to this question: “Vitamix vs. Blendtec Blender: Which One is Better?” The answer is: Vitamix is much better than Vitamix if you want to use for different years and not going to change again and again through the years. For me Blendtec fits very well because Blendtec blender costs lower than Vitamix with the similar function and similar quality. And according to my own experience,  Blendtec has far better support team.

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These macho appliances are– to common household kitchen blenders– what a NASCAR racer would be to the old family station wagon. The majority of kitchen blenders crank out potentially half a horse power, precisely where the Vitamix run 2-3 hp. A lot of common blenders bog down when you offer them anything seriously strong to chew on.

You can make mixures with blenders with ice, raw carrots, or whole fruits– for that matter, they even make peanut butter from peanuts and flour from raw wheat. The average run of the mill household kitchen blender might have a 1 year guarantee if you are fortunate. These industrial blenders have a minimum of 3 years, all the way as much as 7. It depends on the particular model you purchase.

Who buys these sturdy devices that will liquify most something wet, or turn most something dry, to powder? Well, added and a lot more folks these days are studying that to produce a genuinely smooth “shake” without swellings, you require a super blender. The much lower powered mixers that are built today are constructed to fall apart, not to last. This keeps buyers returning and ordering a lot more mixers which is remarkable for the company that makes them, however dreadful for your pocket book. Far more and extra people who are increasingly health aware want one to support them boost their intake of veggies and fresh fruit. People today who adopt the “raw food” way of life will need them to produce nutritious and delicious “green smoothies.”

But beyond that, these super powerful mixers can make ice cream– as well as hot soup. They can grind wheat and then move suitable on to produce oven-ready bread dough– all inside the mixer jar (or carafe). These huge people are like the internet. When it came along, lots of could not identify why any person required it. Now, many individuals do not know how they ever coped with out it. And owners of incredibly blenders feel the same way. Now you will certainly discover two luxury mixers which are comparable, producing the vitamix vs blendtec conversation that much far more difficult.
The difficulty is, even if you’re considering getting 1, you might need to face the truth that you’ve 2 significant selections: the venerable Vitamix– plus the a lot more current opposition, the Blendtec. Which is appropriate for you? Properly the you may afford just one. So you are faced with comparing functions. Should you do that very carefully adequate, among them will more than likely start to become the best suitable for you personally. They DO have distinctions.
Exactly what are the distinctions in between the vitamix and blendtec blenders? The Blendtec has much more raw horse power; the Vitamix has far more blades and spins at a greater rpm. The Blendtec pulls the food correct down to blades by varying speeds; the Vitamix utilizes a tamper to help press the food down (which some favor). The Blendtec is microprocessor controlled with pre-set digital push-button menus; the Vitamix makes use of variable manual controls. The blendtec is lighter; the vitamix mixer is much heavier. Many extra differences exist between the 2, so it is important if you are thinking of one to “do your homework” and get as overall a comparison as you can.

If you want to buy Blendtec, keep in mind that you should buy directly from their official site for future support.

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Blendtec Blender Reviews: Top 4 Benefits of Blendtec Blender You Must Know

Have you considered how a Blendtec Total Blender can enhance your kitchen home appliance collection? This is a place that numerous households tend to disregard in their house. There are many inexpensive blenders out there that may seem more appealing due to their low cost. It is very important to remember that a low price does not necessarily mean you will certainly save cash in the long run. If it is time to buy a new home appliance for your kitchen, think about the benefits of a Blendtec blender.

Blendtec Blender Reviews: What’s the Benefits of Blendtec Blender?

1. A Longer Life expectancy with Less Replacements

There is one common problem with cheap blenders: numerous tend to break down after just a short time. Investing more money in a quality brand, such as a Blendtec blender, will assist you conserve more money in the long run. Consider it by doing this: if you invest $ 30 or $ 40 on a cheap mixer but need to change it every 3 months or so, how long will it take prior to the overall invested is greater than the cost of a Blendtec blender? Wouldn’t it be much better to invest cash in a mixer that will outlast lower quality designs?

2. The Power to Blend Practically superior than Anything

The Blendtec blender likewise offers a powerful 1560 watts of power. That is approximately 3 times more power than a lot of less costly blenders. This likewise provides you industrial strength in a home kitchen area appliance. The powerful 3 HP motor spins 2 prong stainless-steel blades as fast as 29,000 revolutions per minute. Speed and power combine to ensure extensive blending, even when squashing ice and making smooth drinks.

3. Hassle-free Features for Easy Control

Home appliance functions are another essential location that numerous customers concentrate on after cost and quality. The Blendtec mixer provides a number of hassle-free controls to allow for simple daily use. An automobile shut down function assists include an aspect of security while the digital touchpad controls make it extremely easy to operate. Each Blendtec blender likewise comes with preprogrammed blending cycles to take the guesswork from producing your preferred recipes.

4. Assurances and Warranties for Peace of Mind

The Blendtec Total blender is well worth the price when you think about the quality of this household kitchen device. To assist make sure an excellent experience and client satisfaction, a brand brand-new Blendtec blender comes with three different service warranties. A three year warranty covers the most essential systems in the blender and is combined with a one year container warranty. A lifetime coupling and blade service warranty is likewise offered to ensure every consumer gets one of the most value for their purchase.

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Blendtec Designer Series Review

Since Blendtec announced the Designer Series blenders in 2013 — the most sophisticated customer blender offered, it gained a lot of success ever since.”The Designer Series is by far the greatest thing to strike the high-end blender market over the last few years,” stated Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder. “It’s the most sophisticated, sophisticated mixer in any environment, and we think it’s likewise the most gorgeous.”

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.A variety of new features

1. Trendy brand-new colors and surfaces for the Designer Series.

2. Brushed stainless.

3. High tech copper.

4. Painted metallic champagne .

5. Molded in red, cream and black

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The Blender offers consumers the finest of both worlds: the greatest, most flexible blender on the marketplace that can also be made use of in environments where visual appeals is an important consideration.

Other features:

1. Brightened capacitive touch controls .

2. Touch slider for fine-tuned manual speed control

3. Quiet

4. The Designer Series blender consists of the current air flow and motor cooling innovations, and offers a host of other advances never ever before seen in the consumer mixing marketplace.

5. A brightened control surface area with capacitive touch interface brings customer mixers into the twenty-first century. The control board likewise includes a manual slider for accurate speed adjustments.

6. Value for home kitchen areas

7. Effective, industry-leading 1,560-watt blending . Easy, instinctive touch controls . Classic, forward-looking design . Offered in multiple colors/textures

“Folks have totally welcomed the touchscreen revolution, so it’s only natural that they are embracing that very same technology in the kitchen area. We’re thrilled to be among the first to deliver it,” he says. “Both cooking veterans and mixing amateurs can now mix with the most effective and advanced technology that’s ever been provided. And it doesn’t hurt that the Designer Series is visually incredible.”


To learn more about the Blendtec Designer Series, go to

Blendtec Blenders Review: Why I Ordered this High End Blender 3 years ago and Still Using It!

Blendtec Blenders Review: Why I Ordered this High End Blender 3 years ago and Still Using It!

The many Blendtec Blenders reviews surrounding this popular, high-end brand of blenders that claims to create meals, snacks, and smoothies in just seconds, caught the attention of me 3 years ago. I bought Blendtec Total Blender and still using it this morning.

Before I decided buy it was researching blenders I came across a glowing review for a Blendtec blenders. After digging deeper I found hundreds of great reviews and very few negative reviews. This prompted me to look deeper to see if the hype was real.

The Blendtec blender was first developed by Tom Dickson, who is most popular for his ‘Will It Blend?’ series online. Dickson used a vacuum to clean up spilled wheat kernels in 1975, and has since then followed his inquisitiveness to change the mill and mixer business.”

The features that this small machine comes equipped with: it can turn your ingredients into yogurt, ice cream, juice, milkshakes, smoothies, marinades, dips, dressings, sauces, soups, fondues, syrups, batters, and much more. The possibilities are endless with this machine.

I was also impressed that all the Blendtec blenders are rated at or above 3-peak horsepower, have an industry-leading 1560 watts of power, are BPA-free and come with an 8-year warranty. Each blender purchase also comes with a recipe book, an instructional DVD with 16 recipes in video format, and an owner’s manual and users guide.

If you are wondering about Blendtec vs Vitamix one thing that makes Blendtec mixers different from other high end blenders is that they are designed with wide, square jar openings that allow for easy clean up. They are also more compact which allows for easy storage in kitchen cabinets or on the kitchen counter.

Another thing that impressed me was how no matter which model or series (Classic, Designer, Stealth, WildSide, Professional Series, Tom Dickson etc..) the blenders deliver consistent, quality results in terms of both texture and taste.

Blendtec is coined as the world’s most advanced blender, and the world’s most intuitive blending machine for a reason. There’s no questioning why this brand of blenders are found in commercial settings like coffee shops, restaurants, and juice bars.

In conclusion, the large amount of positive reviews are founded on a quality product and are not simply hype. For those on a budget they also have a payment plan as well as certified refurbished models that sell for about one hundred dollars less.

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Blendtec has Been Picked as “Business of the Year”

Blendtec has Been Picked as “Business of the Year”

Blendtec, a leading maker of commercial-grade blending devices, on Janaury 2015 Blendtec was picked as Business of the Year and Ingenious Business of the Year runner-up behind Google Fiber. Voting happened over a month-long duration and was promoted by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The Business of the Year award is provided companies who showed quality throughout the year. To be considered for the award, companies should have an exemplary business culture and be taken part in the community in significant ways. Furthermore, the perfect business will have gotten over adverse conditions to discover success.

Blendtec dealt with fantastic misfortune in 2014 as an outcome of the enhanced need for our items throughout the biggest execution of functional enhancements,” states Craig Taylor, Blendtec CEO. “In spite of this, we have actually had the ability to more fortify our structure for the remarkable development that is anticipated to continue as we remain to introduce new ingenious items.”

In 2014, Blendtec blenders company grew from 270 to over 500 Utah-based staff members, not including the big influx of seasonal temp employees and the numerous hundred field sales reps throughout the nation. In addition, Blendtec’s founder Tom Dickson, was likewise a huge financial donor in Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Natural Curiosity, which concentrates on hands-on learning, experimentation, and discovery– the exact same traits that led Dickson himself to end up being a serial inventor and successful business owner.

“As long as we remain to push for consistent personal and professional development from ourselves, staff members and brand partners, we will certainly constantly win,” states Dickson. “The health of our business is directly connected to the culture that we establish within these walls, and we are staged for some amazing development in the years to come.”

The Utah Valley has been acknowledged for its business-friendly environment by receiving the greatest rankings in Forbes yearly Best Places for Business and Careers list. This has drawn in many large corporations like Adobe and Google, and has enabled for fast growth for Utah startups like Qualtrics, Vivint and Domo.

About Blendtec

Blendtec designs and makes the world’s best and most effective high-speed office and property blenders. All Blendtec blenders are designed and assembled in the USA at the business’s Orem, Utah facility.

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