ZENMED® AVT Cream Review: My Own Experience

ZENMED® AVT Cream Review: My Own Experience

I really appreciate it when Brooke reviews‘ editor wrote to me to write a review about my favorite cream. I choose Zenmed AVT cream because I have been using it for one and half a year and it’s really amazing.

It’s very hard for me to find a cream because I have dry and sensitive skin. The cream is very calming and it’s fragrance-free. Now you can hardly find a cream that is fragrance-free so I do like it. After using it for a few days my skin started to feel moisturized and totally refreshed. After about 2 month’s usage, my dark spots gone completely.

I find some tips to maximize its effect. You can add facial oil to increase hydration or the anti-aging essential oils to increase its anti-aging effect. I added the anti-aging essential oil blender followed the recipes introduced from Younger Next Day (the last chapter) and it works amazing!

I found it work for rosacea very well. I found it because I gave my sister who had Rosacea and she said after using it for a couple of weeks her Rosacea didn’t break out any more. It’s really amazing. If you have Rosacea you can try it after the outbreak.

I bought the Zenmed AVT pack at Zenmed’s official site. You can always get a big discount and the support team is very helpful.

ZENMED® AVT Cream official site


Article written by Lisa Wong, Canada

Edited by Brookereviews Editor

Scientist Questioned the Anti-Aging Effect of the Vitamin C Serum

Scientist Questioned the Anti-Aging Effect of the Vitamin C Serum

Now anti-aging serum contains Vitamin C, has been one of the most popular anti-aging products. While the manufactures claim that their vitamin C anti-aging products have been proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen. Recently scientists are questioning this and claimed that the anti-aging Vitamin C serum is not better than drinking a glass of lemon juice. Is it true?

According to numerous studies, Vitamin-C is an essential building block, during the process of collagen formation in the skin and, it also serves to develop the elasticity of the skin; reduce skin mark, and increase the skin’s luminosity. But here is one thing deserted by most people: most research focus on dietary Vitamin C, rather than applying vitamin C directly on top of skin.

The skin tissue is composed of several layers, and because of its natural skin protection mechanism, the skin allows only a small amount of water and fat-soluble substances.

Dr.Kong, a pharmacologist who did skin research for years, recently pointed out that: the effects of most serums containing Vitamin C are hardly to achieve its desired results due to the following reasons:

1. For skin care products, any ingredient should have the following features in order to function. In reality very few ingredients can comprehend all of the functions below:

It can penetrate the skin cell
It can coat the outside of the skin cell wall so it will not degrade immediately,
It should be absorbed very quickly by the skin

2. Some anti-aging creams or serums are not delivered at adequate quantity into the skin. It causes lack of effectiveness because it has been proved that the efficiency of the Vitamin C serum is proportional to the concentration, but only up to 20%.

3. Most Vitamin C contain anti-aging products, L-Ascorbic Acid, a water soluble, natural form of Vitamin-C, is used as the primary Vitamin-C form. But L-Ascorbic is a very unsteady ingredient because it will quickly become ineffective and lose its effectiveness. That’s why many skin care products add extra binders and stabilizers to make it stable. But it causes another side effect because it prevents it from penetrating into deep layers of the skin. Another fact is because its water soluble it means L-Ascorbic acid goes to the inside of the cell (water) rather than the outside. But most free-radical damage happens on the outside of the cell. So in fact it has very limited effect on preventing aging. Moreover, as a very acidic ingredient it also causes skin irritation easily.

4. The most stable form of Vitamin C is called Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate. But due to its high price most skin care companies use L-Ascorbic Acid rather than MAP.

6. Some do not chemically convert to the biologically active form of Vitamin C in the skin.

7. Medical studies have shown that the nutrients necessary for the metabolism of skin tissue, such as sugar, fat, protein, electrolytes, vitamins and water, mostly come from the blood supply to the small blood vessels of the dermis. Cosmetics, skin care products in a variety of nutrients, even partially penetrate the skin; can only result in a superficial effect.

How you can prevent aging from the root?

The best way to prevent aging from the root is to improve the blood circulation under the skin tissue. This can be achieved by doing exercises on a regular basis, applying effective anti-aging essential oils that are fat-soluble and with small molecules, or do facial massaging. Dr.Kong recently created an eBook, it introduces a very effective anti-aging technique that you can do at home easily. It is very safe and the result is almost immediate. If you are interested you can find the eBook here.

Younger Next Day

Dr.Kong, MD. Ph.D. the author of http://youngernextyda.com. In the book Dr.Kong revealed an anti-aging technique that combines using of anti-aging essential oil and an ancient anti-aging technique to improve the facial blood flow, thus treating skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, and black circles, Etc from the root.



Taste of The Wild Review: My Own Experience

Taste of The Wild Review: My Own Experience

I have heard of “Taste of The Wild” for a couple of times from my friends so I searched online, and I just found mixed reviews. I bought a package for my dogs. At first my dogs don’t eat as much as usual, but it’s evident that they seem to like it. So I asked some friends and then realized my dogs get full because of the high protein.

Now after eating the dog food for 6 months, my dogs are very healthy. I’m very happy because I have already tried a number of dry dog food brands, but our dogs never seemed to care for any of those brands, until we bought this. After taking the dog food for a few weeks, the fur is shinny, and even our oldest dog runs around like a puppy.
I’m also very happy knowing this is a product with great quality and is very safe for our dogs. The coats look amazing.
The dog food costs less than many other brands, and with its high protein ingredients, our dogs eat less to stay full, so it saved us quite a lot.
I also consulted at a pet clinic when my oldest dog had worm, they said it’s good eat the grain free dry dog food like this because it does good to the digestive systems. That may explain why they are so healthy.
It also helps for allergies.
I have tried several flavors. I should say: stay away from the salmon flavor. As far as I know many dogs never adjust to this flavor.
One of my dogs is 13 years old and has a lot of allergies, she loves the dog food too.
Compared with some other online stores I finally chose Amazon because Amazon is cheaper than the others, such as Tractor Supply or the local stores and it will be delivered right to the door.
The only thing is the dog food leaves my dog smelling a bit fishy for certain flavors. If you cant stand with it do not buy it.
Now I also buy it for my 2 cats and they all love them.
So now I recommend it to nearly all of my friends with pets, and it’s also great to know most of the dogs become much healthier after switching to this brand.
Recommended flavor: Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Bison & Venison

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Chris Walker’s The Salvation Diet Review: Does it Truly Work?

Chris Walker’s The Salvation Diet Review: Does it Truly Work?

The Salvation Diet review (Chris Walker)
The Salvation Diet is a program created by Chris Walker for those who need to minimize body fat and attain their dream body’s physique. If you really want to loss body fat faster and if you want to increase your health and body’s confidence then this system is for you. It is a biblical inspired weight loss program which help you to be smart and active. This program is accurate, natural, and without any side effects.

The program is biblical inspired and it says you to treat your body like it is the temple of God. The object of the Salvation Diet is to assist millions of Christians around the world to stay fit and healthy by taking good care of your body as well as your mind or your soul. Not only this by this program you will be able to gain great energy too.
A healthy mind and soul cannot be developed without proper and healthy body so this diet will help you deal with all these types of problems you are facing. This program is natural and it always connect your body’s mind and soul with God created secret things so that in a natural and magical world you can heal your body effectively.

– The Salvation Diet is easy and simple to follow.
– It is a researched program.
– Strategies and tactics that actually work.
– Natural weight loss.
– Program is affordable.
– You can attain your dream physique.
– This program will develop mental and spiritual powers.

– Non-believers or other religion persons may find difficulties understanding the content of the Salvation Diet program.
– The program is only available online.

The Salvation Diet is a simple and easy way to lose weight plus you can also fully develop your physical, mental and spiritual powers. It is a step by step program which actually works naturally.

With its 60 days money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Get it today! The Salvation diet official site

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Dr. Channing and David Riley’s Blood Pressure Protocol Review: Why It Works!

Dr. Channing and David Riley’s Blood Pressure Protocol Review: Why It Works!

Blood Pressure Protocol is an eBook that contains a tutorial about how to lower blood pressure naturally. At this point, you might find it hard to believe that you can actually lower your blood pressure with a home remedy while many other people spend a lot of money getting a medical treatment from healthcare professionals to battle the same condition.

That’s probably because like most people you believe that conventional medication is always better and home remedy usually doesn’t work. It’s true in some cases, but not always, especially if the home remedy has a solid scientific proof. The main ingredient used in Blood Pressure Protocol is Coenzyme Q10, a natural substance contained in common food products that has been scientifically proven to be very powerful in lowering blood pressure.

Dr. Channing and David Riley’s Blood Pressure Protocol Review


Here are 5 benefits you can get by purchasing Blood Pressure Protocol to lower your blood pressure:

1. Approved by science

While many other so called miraculous home remedy products are worthless, Blood Pressure Protocol is offering a solution that’s backed by real science. The effectiveness of Coenzyme Q10 in lowering blood pressure can be found in the Journal of Human Hypertension published in 2007. There is also a study conducted by Dr. Channing, an American researcher who found that some Indian tribes in Brazil had so few hypertension cases due to their natural Coenzyme Q10 rich diet.

2. Cheaper than a conventional hypertension treatment

You might have to spend thousands of dollars for ongoing hypertension treatment, but Blood Pressure Protocol only costs you as little as $37.

3. Completely natural and safe

Blood Pressure Protocol offers you a completely natural method by adjusting your diet with natural foods, supplements and vitamins. No drugs or chemicals involved in the treatment, so it’s completely safe and you don’t have to worry about any side effect.

4. Healthy diet

Besides helping to lower your blood pressure, it will help you to have a healthier lifestyle by consuming healthy natural nutrition.

5. Bonuses

When you purchase Blood Pressure Protocol, you will also get 17 healthy smoothie recipes and 21 food recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With its 60 days money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

Get it today! Dr. Channing and David Riley’s Blood Pressure Protocol

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