Lean & Lovely Fat Loss (by Neghar Fonooni)- Legit or Scam?

Lean & Lovely Fat Loss (by Neghar Fonooni)- Legit or Scam?

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Lean & Lovely Fat Loss review (by Neghar Fonooni)

Neghar Fonooni has introduced Lean & Lovely Fat Loss  workout program that is exclusive to women only. This workout program uses kettle bells to perform repetitive actions and it is purposed to burn excess body fat. The principle that it works on is metabolism to convert fat into energy. Although dumb-bells, bar bells and body weight, all serve the same purpose of lifting weight using certain muscles, but above all these, kettle bells are the best for use by women. Recommended: Fat Diminisher Reviews


The main difference between the Lean & Lovely Fat Loss workout guide by Neghar Fonooni and the other hundreds of workout guides is that Neghar emphasizes on the use of kettle bells only. She gives three main reason why she does so.

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Convenience of Kettle Bells:

It is certain that working out at home is equally effective as working out in gym provided the right way is knows. The time it takes to drive to the gym and back would be all what a woman would need to workout at home using kettle bells. Rather than dumb bells and bar bells, kettle bells burn fat faster. This is a great advantage that women can capitalize on since there are other more important things for them to care about like chores, job and social life. Based on careful calculations, it takes just 10 to 20 minutes to workout using a kettle bell. Furthermore, only one kettle bell suffices to undertake the workout and it does not need to be overly sized.

Metabolic Resistance Training:

Metabolic Resistance Training is the category of workouts that involves effectively removing fat from the body. All the workouts that are explained by Neghar Fonooni in the Lean & Lovely Fat Loss are based on this category and hence are highly effective in burning unwanted body fat. With kettle bells, the Metabolic Resistance Training is even more effective because multiple joints come to play. Also, for swings and snatches, these are some dynamic workout movements that are possible only when the weights are as good and easy to handle as the kettle bells. Guts, abs, shoulders and lats, all come to play with just a single swing of the kettle bell. Also, kettle bell combines all the workout of cardio, strength, flexibility and stability. Since there is so much to gain from single workout and with each stretch and swing, the results obtained are very swift and the exercise as a whole becomes very efficient.

Kettle bells are meant for women:

Yes, men and women have different muscles to bring to life. Men need to focus more on their upper body rather than the lower one, whereas women do it the other way round. The kettle bell workouts bring hips and lower back to work, resulting in burnt fat in that area of the body.

Surprisingly Affordable:

The program Lean & Lovely Fat Loss by Neghar Fonooni is amazingly inexpensive. It is not required to say how much does liposuction cost and how much costly can a supplement based fat loss program is. Medicines also come with side effects that may even give birth to new diseases instead of eliminating the existing one. The Lean & Lovely Fat Loss program costs less than $100 that is almost a free treatment of such a big and tough problem. Now for all good reasons, this program is worth a shot because it costs so little. Frankly though, a few glasses of good wine would have cost more than this.

What do you get?

– Firstly, women that use it, lose fat and thus weight. People are known to have lost 18 to 20 pounds in a quick time period of a few weeks.

– Inches can be reduced from around the hips.

– Inches can be reduces from around the waist.

– Energy gets increased in the body because when metabolism kicks in, fat is burnt and converts to mechanical energy.

– Chubbiness is reduced greatly with use of Lean & Lovely Fat Loss program.

– Body composition is brought closer to perfection, the clothes a woman wear better fit her and that is another plus.

– The workout and the diet that is suggested in the workout program in itself is quiet joyous. The time working out is well spent.

– The Lean & Lovely Fat Loss program gives an opportunity to restructure the entire life of the person that pursues it.


The Lean & Lovely Fat Loss workout program by Neghar Fonooni is one of the best alternatives of the fat burning methods. The workout includes kettle bell for a tool that is highly effective in its cause and is quick in showing results. With the cost that it has, the program can be tested confidently.

With its 60 days money back guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose!

2015 update: used to sell at a price of $97, you can get it now only $27 for a limited time only! Grab one before the price goes up at any time!

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