Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel

Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel

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The Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel is by far one of the best skin care products. Not only is it recommended to those with acne, it is also highly recommended to those who want to prevent acne from appearing. When many people are in their teens and even in their early twenties, they have a few pimples here and there and it never really bothers them. When they reached their mid twenties they realized how important it is to have clear, fresh looking skin. People want a product that can help remove the excess oil that was trapped underneath their pores without being too harsh on their sensitive skin. Surely many have heard good things about the Murad line so why not check it out for yourself?


Most women have tried a bunch of different beauty products to no avail. It is always hard to be satisfied with the results. If you have tried drugstore treatments as well as luxury brands, you will be able to tell that the Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment gel is the only product that gives you the clear skin that you have been longing for. This exfoliating gel is able to dry those horrible pimples without leaving unsightly scars as a remembrance. Another plus is that it assists in the prevention of acne as well. After the first day that you start using this product you will not have any problems with pimples or clogged pores. What is funny is that your problem areas prior to using this treatment will look much better. Wherever you used to get breakouts all the time, it will look like fresh new skin. Now, it will be so clear and that you will not even feel the need to put a foundation or a tinted moisturizer on because your skin has gotten so healthy.


From the time you begin using the Murad Exfoliating acne treatment gel expect to be getting compliments left and right. For first time users, do not be turned off by the fact that you do not actually rinse the product off of your face after using it. Although it may sound a bit odd, just try it! You will not regret this purchase. It is like a magic gel for your acne. Some used to use this product twice a day and stopped using it in the daytime because the gel contains retinol and that meant needing to use an SPF. No one likes the sticky feeling of SPF so they just stuck to using the Murad gel at night. Guess what? Even with using it only once a day, it still worked wonders for their skin.


It has been said by many that this product is well worth the money. Your only regret will be is that you did not start taking care of your skin earlier. The difference that this product will make is remarkable. Your pores will be smaller, you will no longer get breakouts and even old scars will lighten up. This may be the best investment you will make when it comes to beauty related products. You can leave the house confidently without makeup on and still feel like you are gorgeous. That is priceless.



  1. After having come off the pills, I keep getting whiteheads and acne around the forehead and the chin, I have tried many products and none that have really worked, the problem keep coming back!! I tried this treatment gel for 4 days and my skin has cleared up heaps, all the bumps are gone and the scaring seems to have lightened as well. I am 1.5 weeks into using this product and it seems to have kept the problem under control, now hoping it will stop the whiteheads from coming back! Also, this doesnt dry out your skin.

  2. When I first started using this product I was a little weary of it at first. Exfoliating product with no crystals and you do not rinse it off? Hmmm … it made me think. But wow, what a difference this really made. I did use it morning (PLEASE use SPF if you do use this in the morning, because it has retinal as an active ingredient) and at night when I first started with this product. I did find that it would create a little burning sensation, so I started using it once a day and only at night. It really does help with a lot of the redness in my cheek area, and I can tell a significant difference in the size of my acne (I tend to be more on the cystic side) when I wake up in the morning.) Since I have switched to using this product once at night, my skin is not as irritable with it as it used to be. And no I do not usually have sensitive skin, this product is strong, so a little bit really does go a long way.

  3. This is literally the only product that ever worked to get rid of cystic acne on my chin… That hideous “that-time-of-the-month” one HUGE breakout that would hurt like mad, and felt like it would NEVER go away – unless I used this stuff.
    AND it didn’t make my skin dry or flaky, like some of the cheap over-the-counter, drugstore lines did. Definitely recommend it if you suffer from the same thing!

  4. I have to say that Murad products have changed my life. I began breaking out at 26 and suffered for 4 years with bad skin before I found Murad products. I was so nervous to put any product on my skin because of my skin sensitivity. Thank you, thank you, thank you MURAD! You guys rock!
    I HIGHLY recommend the Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. This product made ALL of my breakouts go away within a week and changed my life. I cleanse, tone with Murad clarifying toner, put Acne exfoliating treatment gel and then the skin perfecting lotion. I do this morning and evening. Try this regimen and I think you will be completely satisfied. I am so grateful I found these products. I never thought I would have clear skin again. I am forever a customer!

  5. I use the Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel after the Clarifying Cleanser and it instantly irritates my skin. It literally feels like it’s on fire, however, my other nuisance with this product is that, despite having oily skin, it gives me dry patchy areas. It also exacerbates the amount of oil on my t-zone leaving my skin overly greasy, clogged and acne-ridden. The fact that they market it as a “gentle” and “anti-inflammatory” product for “daily use” is astonishing to me.