Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) Review by a Real User

Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) Review by a Real User

The following is Dr. Kong’s Younger Next Day (Youngernextday.com) review written by Rong Han, a HongKong user:

Younger Next Day review by Rong Han from Hong Kong

Hey Im Rongrong from HongKong. I’m 32 and female and have really bad black circles/bags under my eyes. I’ve tried nearly all kinds of skincare creams and try to get enough sleep but my black circles still look so heavy ……My friend recommended this book YoungerNextDay to me she said it was a really Good one. She bought it at $37 about 1 week ago. The official site is offering a limited time offer – 50%. so I bought the copy for just $18 which is about 50% off. 😀 (Update I checked again today and the discount is still available, not sure when it will expire)

To be honest after reading through the ebook I used the method immediately last night. It feels a little uncomfortable at first. I thought that’s because of the the poor blood circulation. So I kept on using the method for half an hour.

Today My dark circles are almost completely gone! This is just the first time I was using the method. I will try doing it for my wrinkles!

YoungerNextDay has, however, the disadvantages. One chapter of the ebook requires biological knowledge. But fortunately Dr.Kong gave the final conclusion. I will never, ever purchase the anti-aging cosmetic products again!

Another thing is, you can’t download everything with just 1 click. In stead you will receive the login information to download those ebooks. I received a letter from Clickbank immediately after I paid, but no login information. I waited a few hours then I realized I should check out the spam email. Then I found the login information there.

Here are the basic steps of my ordering process:

order place


A notification. Sry have to hide my email.


Clickbank Receipt for my order:



Thank you page:

Now you can click on “download or access digital product”.


You have to go to your spam mail to get the login information.

Finally I got the download links!


It includes an e-book, 6 bonus books and 1 video tutorial. The e-book is very well organized and easy to follow. I just go to the main part that talks about the techniques. The video tutorial is in fact a collection of youtube videos and explains in detail how you can operate the ancient method. One tip is do watch the video for a couple of times! It will help you quite a lot!

The last part of the e-book is also very important. It gives you a few important anti-aging recipes you can make yourself at home. I just used the first recipe because it’s the easiest.

The result is fantastic! See my changes below! My heavy black circles nearly gone! It’s truly a wonderful ebook because it can bring amazing results so quickly!

Here is the before and after photo, after using the method from YoungerNextDay! My black bags are greatly reduced after the first treatment. I will keep updating it for sure!

younger next day testimonials

OK this is my review for YoungerNextDay. I’m not associated to this website so you can trust my review. My suggestion is: YoungerNextDay is the best anti-aging and skincare ebook I have ever seen!

The official site: youngernextday.com

-Rong Han


  1. can i use the technique i have sensitive skin…

  2. My wrinkles reduced greatly I just cant wait to see the long term results!!!

  3. Awesome book! The best one I have ever read!! Highly recommended!

  4. Thanks of your recommendation. I have bought it and will it this night! 😀

  5. Oh my! My forehead lines were smoother and with a lot less redness this morning! This is so amazing ebook!