DesignCrowd Review: My Own Experience (Coupon, 20% Discount)

DesignCrowd Review: My Own Experience (Coupon, 20% Discount)

If you often have design projects to get done, then you better start to consider a crowdsourced marketplace like DesignCrowd. Rather than hiring one designer that you will eventually have to pay regardless whether you can use the design or not, you can post your project so many designers can compete and provide you with many different designs to choose from. This means you get many options and you only choose the design that you actually can use.

I first heard of DesignCrowd is when its designers photoshoped images of Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle onto celebrities and I was shocked by the amazing result. Below is one of them:

DesignCrowd Review My Own Experience (Coupon, Discount)

I posted my design project when I needed a full page website design for one of my clients. I was lucky because the first time I tried to post my design project in DesignCrowd there was a special offer where I could save $75 on the project.

I received dozens of different designs based on the specifications I requested in the project I posted. Those designers were very motivated to provide me with their best work, because only one can be chosen and get the “reward” money.

It saved me a lot of time and money when compared with hiring a designer in a traditional way. Remembering how many hours I had to spend working on revisions after revisions until I got the design correctly, not to mention when there were times I had to give up and received a design I didn’t like and ended up spending more money to order another design for the same project from a different designer, I wonder why I didn’t order my designs at DesignCrowd earlier.

The best part is there’s a full money back guarantee, so if you don’t like any of the design submitted, you can simply cancel your project and get all your money back. So that means you only pay for the right design. But so far after a few times using DesignCrowd to work on my design projects, I never had to cancel and claim my money back.
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save 20% on logo design project (4-Nov-2014 to 1-Feb-2016)

Review submitted by Janet R. Allen