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Dermatix Ultra Gel Review

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Dermatix Ultra gel refers to a scar removal serum which was primarily formulated as a means of minimizing the appearance of different kinds of scars. It was also created using a silicone gel technology proven by clinical experts which works in softening, smoothing and flattening scars. It comes with a non-sticky and silky finish which is effective in quickly drying the affected area while also forming a more protective barrier between your skin and environmental aggressors that may tend to damage it. It is said to work perfectly for those who have keloid or hypertrophic scars and those scars that are mainly triggered by surgery, burns and trauma. The more advanced scar treatment formulated in Dermatix also helps both men and women regardless of their skin color and age to eliminate scar without dealing with pigmentation and irritation.

According to reliable reviews, Dermatix also uses advanced technology when it comes to recreating the affected skin, thereby allowing it to look healthier and smoother. It also allows you to obtain relief from itchiness and any other forms of discomfort often linked to wound and scar healing. Among the most useful ingredients present in this popular scar removal serum are the following:

— Phenyl Trimethicone

— Dimethicone

–Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

— Cyclopentasiloxane

— Polymethylsilsesquioxane

— Polysilicone-11

One of the most remarkable benefits of Dermatix Ultra gel is that it is non-greasy and odorless. This reduces the risk of experiencing a lot of discomfort when applying the gel into your scar. The ability of Dermatix to treat old and new scars is also one of the major reasons why those who have scars prefer to use it. It also works in reducing the stinging and painful sensation which is often felt in the scarred area. You can expect it to work even more effectively in relieving pain if the type of your scar is Keloid or Hypertrophic. The good thing about Dermatix is that it is also clinically tested so its users have a hundred percent assurance that it is safe. The new silicone technology used by this product is also capable of producing a film in your skin and this works in offering the highest level of skin protection in the most aesthetically acceptable manner possible. This promotes a softer and silkier feel into your skin without accumulating oily residues.

Note, however, that just like any other scar treatments, Dermatix also has its own drawbacks. One of these is that it does not use one hundred percent medical grade silicone. Some users also complain about the inability of the product to offer the quickest results. It often takes more than 6 weeks for the results to become visible. There are also users who complain that the gel leaves sticky residues after application.

But despite the negative complaints about Dermatix Ultra gel, it is still considered by many as the most effective scar treatments. It is preferred by many because of its versatility. It is versatile enough that it does not only work in removing your scar but also in improving the texture of your skin. It contains ingredients that also work in enhancing the beauty of your skin.



  1. I have been using this product consistently for eight months. To date, I have had no results. I’m rating it as average because maybe it takes much longer to work.

  2. I have used this on surgical scars and acne scars and think it works awesome. You have to use it with in the first 12 months of the scar – the sooner the better. It thinned the scars out and reduced the redness. You must use consistently though – 2x a day for about 3 months. I think it has an elegant feeling.

  3. I have been using it regularly for a small surgery scar for about two months now as I did not want to give up. Has not made the slightest difference. Don’t waste your money on it!

  4. I bought this for my son who had accident on his forehead. after the stitching, I started to look for product for scar. I bought scar away, but my 2 years old always peel it off, so I can’t tell if it’s working. The doctor suggested silicone gel, because it will does the same as the steri-strip, but the kid can’t peel them. It’s really gentle on the scar, it take long time to see the effect, but I found out if you put vaseline petroleum jelly after the dermatix dried, it will speed up the effect, will have huge improvement. I did this because I read an article said the cell heal better in moisture environment, so the petroleum jelly serve as guard, makes the dermatix works better. I tried once, the scar color look lighter the next day. It’s really small tube, but you only need a little bit depends how big your scar is. It’s a bit expensive consider it’s only 1 oz, but it does long really long for me. I put on my son’s scar twice a day, I kind of wish if they have SPF will be better for summer. I bought mederma spf 30 for the sunny day. so far the scar look good.

  5. I used this cream after using the silicones plasters (CIcacare) for months. I could only use it for a couple of weeks and it now stands in my bathroom cabinet. It takes forever to dry, so not very practical for busy people. Very greasy also.
    Not sure if it really made any difference, but i might have used it for a too short period of time .

  6. I have used it for about 8 months, for me it worked very well, my sugerial scar on my neck flaten significantly, it reduced the redness so much. My scar is approximately 6 inches, I will use it until one year base on the recommendation. Hope this will give me best result.
    For those this product do not really work. I suggest may be you do not put it on your scar twice a day, and do not touch or may be you erase the gel.

    • Thanks for your suggestion.