Concept 2 Rowing Machines Reviews

Concept 2 Rowing Machines Reviews

Read about the following Concept 2 Rowing Machines (Concept 2 Rower) Reviews. Concept 2 Rowing Machines has been around for more than 40 year and ever since they have been providing their customers with state of the art and miraculously effective gymnasium equipment. They mainly focus on the provision of exercising equipment for the training of athletes from the comfort of a gym but based on similar scenario that they would face when in the real terrain. Rowing machines from Concept 2 are the gung ho advantage of their makers.

Concept 2 Rowing Machines Reviews
Plus Points:

Durability: Concept 2 brands its rowing machines with a promise of a consistent performance throughout their usable life. Since gymnasium equipment gets used daily and not to mention quite vigorously as well, they have to withstand a lot of pressure. Concept 2 rowing machines do just that.

Silent and Smooth: Unlike most other rowing machines, the Concept 2 Rowing machines are a lot smoother to operate and do not make cranking or squeaking noises now and then. This helps rowers get in a rhythm without being disturbed by unnecessary friction and noises.

Well Equipped yet Comfortable: Performance monitors let the rowers know of how well they are doing and also tell them of some vital information like how much calories of energy have they burned during the exercise. Distance covered and the speed of rowing is also displayed for rowers to know of it. But despite of being so technologically well equipped, it is very comfortable.



Absent Heart Rate Monitor: The depreciating part about Concept 2 rowing machine is that they do not have a built-in heart rate monitor. Due to this, the user has to purchase a separate device for the purpose.

Steel-less Body: it is rather confusing to whether place this factor as this device’s weakness or as its strength because most parts of it are made up of plastic. Plastic does not fit the image of gym equipment nor does it appear very reliable. But even this con has its use in terms of weight advantage. It is lighter in weight that makes a difference while installation. For as long as the structure itself remains intact and does not collapse, there should not be a problem with the plastic body.


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